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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Shazaam! (from the son of Captain Marvil)

I don't endorse anyone easily.
My values and principles are rooted in the Founding and the Judeo/Christian principles and values that the Founders gleaned from the Scriptures and incorporated into our Constitution.
As the time narrows for West Virginians to vote, you have a critical decision to make.
You will have to decide whether you will vote for the "progressive" movement or vote to maintain and regain your liberties which the Founders established and entrusted for and to you.
The choice is yours, West Virginians.
That was part of their legacy to you.
A vote for Larry D. Kump will help insure that you maintain that legacy.
Charles H. Marvil
Postscript: My family has close ties and roots in West Virginia and is proud of ancestors who were among its' original settlers in the 1700's (my mother's side from Sistersville).

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