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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Kump Weighs in on Taxes & Economics

Larry D. Kump, candidate for election to the West Virginia House of Delegates (District #52), has signed the "Americans for Tax Reform" pledge to taxpayers that he will oppose and vote against any and all efforts to increase taxes in West Virginia.

Kump pointed out that, although the current "job-less recovery" and massive deficit spending is a national problem, West Virginia has experienced an on-going problem since 1932.

Further, during the last two decades, West Virginians' average personal income has been ranked near or at the bottom in comparison to the folks in all other states. This is especially true when our personal incomes in West Virginia's border counties are compared to the personal incomes of folks in the counties just across our state line on the other side of our border.

Simply put: In these challenging times, West Virginia's bad tax laws and misdirected government regulation stifle our personal prosperity and individual freedoms.

Not only should West Virginians be protected from further tax hikes, but the current tax structure must be reformed.

Among other tax issues, the West Virginia groceries tax, home heating fuel tax, and the personal property tax on vehicles must be eliminated.

Also, West Virginia's destructively partisan legal system adds to our stagnation in productivity and wages. The American Tort Reform Association describes West Virginia as a "Legal Hellhole". Medical Malpractice, Tort, Venue Shopping, and Eminent Domain reform in West Virginia is necessary to help all West Virginians have a better tomorrow.

West Virginia might have a balanced budget and even a transitory budget surplus, but the citizens of West Virginia need major tax and policy reform to provide for meaningful jobs growth and the preservation of our personal liberties.

Visit for more about the pledge to vote against all tax increases.

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