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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Soldier for You

To Whom It May Concern,

Having known Larry D. Kump, who is running for the West Virginia House of Delegates for portions of Morgan and Berkeley Counties in West Virginia, for many years - I offer this personal testimonial on his behalf:

Larry Kump is offering his good governance and knowledge to the people of Morgan and Berkeley Counties, West Virginia.

He is the type of man who will always stand up for what is right-a soldier for the working man who possesses honesty and integrity and who will not let you down.

I personally can attest to his perseverance for doing what is right-never bowing to pressure from anyone.

If elected, he will work to better the life of the people in these counties.

Larry Kump, no lies, no BS.

Please vote for Larry D. Kump in the next election.


Lana Welch

An edited version of the above appeared as a letter to the editor in the October 20, 2010, edition of The Journal newspaper of Martinsburg, WV; and in the October 22, 2010, edition of the Hagerstown, MD, Herald-Mail.

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