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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Would You? David Woods!

To all West Virginia voters fortunate enough to be able to vote for Larry D. Kump for state delegate:

Just do it!

Voting for Larry is neither illegal, immoral, nor fattening!

Yet Larry offers a rather rare opportunity to support a candidate who is far more interested in the rights & welfare of his fellow citizens than in serving as a professional politician.

Larry knows and understands government at the state level from a lifetime of being a working part of it.

He notes "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" as one of his favorite films. It is a fine choice; also one of mine!

I can see Larry starring in a re-make we could call "Mr. Kump Goes to Charleston."

Unlike Mr. Smith (whom you may have forgotten was appointed, not elected), Larry, like Smith, also believes in all principles he advocates, and like Mr. Smith -- Mr. Kump lives by these self-same principles!

I'm convinced Larry will do a similar job for all of us as the fictional youth leader, Mr. Smith, did for his constituents.

But Larry also has two critical strengths Mr. Smith lacked: Larry is not naive about politics nor about politicians, and Larry listens to his fellow citizens!

There can be no clearer guide to Larry's aims than his stand on the Martinsburg City Library.

A bill was proposed to re-name this fine site as the Martinsburg-Berkeley County Library, and also broaden its directorial board to include the entire base it serves. More importantly, this large base pays for most of what keeps this library going.

All Larry asked was that ALL county citizens (not just city residents) be credited, & given an opportunity to help direct this vital county-wide institution!

A review of Larry's stands on past & current issues makes clear this is a typical stance from an atypical guy.

For Larry D. Kump is not only a great individual, but a man who all his life has made good things happen!

And the Lord only knows, we out here in West (by God) Virginia need all the good things to happen to us that are possible.

So let's elect a man who can help us live better lives in the future, a man with open-minded judgement on all public issues, and a man who can make this happen!

A vote for Larry D. Kump appears to this Navy Department retiree, retired USN captain, & holder of both an MBA & Phd plus serving as an adjunct university professor more than 40 years (Marshall the last 16) as a vote for progress, prosperity, & progress!

Some folks watch what happens, others wonder what is happening -- but Larry D. Kump makes it happen!

David L. Woods, of "The Woods"
A proud supporter of Kump for West Virginia Delegate

An edited version of the above appeared as a letter-to-the-editor in the October 6, 2010 edition of The Journal newspaper of Martinsburg WV.

Footnote: Campaign contributions will be put to prudent use, and should be sent to "Friends of Larry D. Kump", c/o Treasurer Robert B. Griffith, P.O. Box 1322, Hedgesville, WV 25427.

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