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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Ed Wilson Experience

I have been amused lately by some candidates who state that the way to break the Democrat logjam in the West Virginia Legislature in Charleston is to send more Democrats to the Legislature. Somehow, the logic of this suggestion escapes me.

Fortunately for the residents of the Eastern Panhandle, we have an alternative to the “we’ve always done it this way” mentality that dominates our legislative body in the capitol.

Larry D. Kump of Falling Waters, W.Va., is a candidate for the 52nd District seat being vacated by Del. Craig Blair. I have known Larry since I first moved to Berkeley County more than 11 years ago. I know him to be a thoughtful, creative and dedicated public servant who, given the opportunity to serve, will bring a breath of fresh air to our delegation.

Larry has experience as a legislative staffer in the Pennsylvania state Senate, has assisted in drafting legislation and has lobbied in both Indiana’s and Maryland’s state capitols. During his many years of employment in the Maryland correctional system, Larry served as a trainer, mediator, facilitator, mentor and therapist. All of these skills, polished during his career of public service, will well-serve Larry and the citizens of our district in Charleston.

I am thankful that Larry is willing to make the commitment of time and talent necessary to be of further service to the community and our state. I urge my fellow citizens to support Larry’s candidacy for the West Virginia Legislature. We need his clear-thinking ideas, incorruptible ideals, and persuasive manner to tackle the many challenges facing the Eastern Panhandle in the years to come.

Edward Wilson
Falling Waters, W.Va.

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