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Saturday, September 21, 2013

From a Concerned Mountaineer Citizen

The following letter to a local newspaper has been edited and reprinted herein, with the permission of the author:


Dear Editor,


 Delegate Larry D. Kump is probably one of the most, if not most, trustworthy Delegates I have ever come across.


 He stands up for his constituents, stands up for our personal liberties and freedoms, stands up for our 2nd Amendment rights, and votes with a clear conscience. 


 He is a firm believer in  transparent governmen,t and has an "Open Door" Policy for anyone (from any district) who wishes to discuss legislation in our State House.  I have never known him to turn down any request. 


  His voting record is impeccable.


 In fact, I don't know anyone who would have a bad word to say about him. 


  Right now he is facing a challenger for his seat. 


  Delegate Kump, the independent voice of the people, is a Constitutionalist at heart,  and he refuses to bow down to the establishment of any poltical party, although he is willing to make compromising choices if  that is what is best for  good government. 


 There are those who fear this independent  "Voice of the People".


  Delegate  Kump was first elected to the West Virginia  Legislature in 2010. He currently serves on the House of Delegates'  Constitutional Revision, Government Organization, and  Pensions & Retirement  Committees. He also serves on the Legislature's Select Committee on Minority Issues. He has over forty years of prior legislative and public administration skills and experience. 


 He serves to benefit the people and not  his own self-interest or the status quo. 


 Without Delegate Kump at the helm of his district,  we all would suffer greatly , and justice would not be served.


  Let's continue to support  the "True and Honest" voice of the people.



 Just another concerned Mountaineer citizen.

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