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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Legislative Session News #3

 More than simply pleased, Delegate Larry D. Kump District #52 (R-Portions of Morgan & Berkeley Counties) applauds the bi-partisan concensus that finally has emerged in the West Virginia House of Delegates to push forward to authorize a timely and special Primary and General election for Governor, and also to fix the law to prevent further election confusion and organizational anarachy. 
 Along with other legislators from the Eastern Panhandle, Delegate Kump met with Charleston officials of the West Virginia Division of Highways to push on behalf of local road needs. He will continue to press for the upgrade of Rt. #9 between Martinsburg and Berkeley Springs and also for a traffic light at the intersection of Grade Road and Rt. #11 in the Marlowe/Falling Waters area.
 This freshman legislator is cosponsoring HB 2705 (West Virginia Firearms Freedom Act) to exempt all firearms, accessories, and ammunition manufactured and retained in West Virginia from federal regulation (under the Commerce clause of the United States Constitution).
 He is cosponsoring HB 2886 (Wages for Construction of Public Improvements) to establish  more cost-effective and competitive wage rates for private sector employees working on government projects (such as highways, schools, and libraries).
 On behalf of  hard-pressed senior citizens, he is cosponsoring HB 2916 to exempt all social security benefits from West Virginia State Income Taxes. 

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