This website is devoutly dedicated to all of Larry's friends and associates, both early and late, who have influenced and mentored him. However, it also should be noted that, being who they are, a majority of them have been late most of the time.

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Kump candidacy published by "The Journal"

HEDGESVILLE — Del. Larry Kump, R-Berkeley, announced Wednesday at a monthly Hedgesville Town Council meeting that he will seek another term of office during the next election.
Kump, who has already filed pre-election papers with the Secretary of State’s office, will be running for a seat in the state House of Delegates in 2020 to represent District 59, which includes the northwestern section of Berkeley and Morgan counties.
Kump’s decision comes on the heels of a recent health scare for which he underwent a successful surgery to remove blockage from his carotid artery.
“After a strong and steady stream of personal pleadings urged me to once again serve in public office and prolonged pondering and personal prayer, I have decided to answer the call to return to duty one more time,” Kump said in a prepared statement handed out Wednesday evening. “And so, I now am a Republican candidate for re-election to the West Virginia House of Delegates in 2020.”
He also cited the saying, “What shall we give in return for so much?” as the reason for his desire to continue serving the public.
In 2010, Kump came out of retirement and was first elected, serving two terms in office, until the end of 2014. He then once again came out of retirement and was elected for yet another two-year term in the West Virginia House of Delegates in 2018.
Kump said he has promised and will continue to stand up and speak out on behalf of more taxpayer friendly and less intrusive government. He also pledges to serve with “integrity, accountability and transparency.”
According to the West Virginia Legislature’s website, Kump currently serves on the industry and labor committee; technology and infrastructure committee and the judiciary committee. During the 2019 session, Kump sponsored 15 bills in the House of Delegates.
“During my previous tours of duty, 75 different Republican and Democrat legislators, in the 100-member West Virginia House of Delegates, co-sponsored legislation with me. Even so, I never have been and never will be someone who goes along, just to get along,” Kump said in the statement.
He also vows to pursue “principles of good governance,” which he believes will give the people a meaningful tax reform, protect retired senior citizens and “working Mountaineers,” defend the personal right to bear arms, provide for local accountability of schools, more equitable treatment of school teachers and state employees (including much needed reform of our educational system) and to safeguard personal property rights and pro-life family values.
“Additionally, still more needs to be done about the drug and alcohol abuse that rages throughout West Virginia,” Kump said. “And so, our West Virginia legislators, in addition to enacting other prudent measures, should lead by personal example. That’s why I’m again proposing mandatory substance abuse testing for all West Virginia legislators.”
Kump added times are still to hard for many local residents and so there needs to be more tax reforms, not tax burdens.
“A better way is to restructure our already ample state budget by reforming our tax system and state government programs,” he said. “Among other things, this could and should lead to improved highways (including long overdue improvements to Rt. 9 between Martinsburg and Berkeley Springs), reduced (not increased) gasoline prices at the pump, better internet access and the complete elimination of state taxes on our social security benefits and all pensions.
Born in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, Kump currently lives in Falling Waters. He moved to West Virginia in 1989 and graduated from the Maryland Correctional Profession Staff Academy as a Maryland Prison Case Manager, according to his biography.
He has also served as a court expert witness, employee training coordinator, cognitive development trainer, employee critical incident stress counselor, certified mediator and a part-time sex offender group therapy facilitator.
According to the West Virginia Secretary of State’s website, one other individual has filed for candidacy in the 59th District — Republican Chandler Stone Absher of Hedgesville.

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Tax Attacks!

Tax his land.
Tax his bed.
Tax the table
at which he's fed.

Tax his tractor.
Tax his mule.
Teach him taxes
are the rule.

Tax his work.
Tax his pay.
He works for
peanuts anyway.

Tax his cow.
Tax his goat.
Tax his pants,
and tax his coat.

Tax his ties.
Tax his shirt.
Tax his work,
and tax his dirt.

Tax his body.
Tax his brain.
Tax his air, and
tax his rain.

Tax his water.
Tax his bath.
Take it all.
Take all he hath.

Tax his mother.
Tax his dad.
Tax his simple
homeplace pad.

Tax his tobacco.
Tax his drink.
Tax him if he
tries to think.

Tax his wine.
Tax his beers.
If he cries,
then tax his tears.

Tax his car.
Tax his fuel.
Make him feel like
such a tool.

When he screams,
tax him more.
Tax him 'till
he's good and sore.

Tax his coffin.
Tax his grave.
Tax the sod in
which he's laid.

Put these words
upon his tomb,
"Taxes drove me
to my doom!".

When he's gone,
do not relax.
Because then it's time
for inheritance tax!

Please share this message with others,  asking them to go and do likewise, and, for sure and for certain, may God bless you real good!

West Virginia Delegate Larry D. Kump  
West Virginia House of  Delegates District #59 (Berkeley-Morgan counties)

Monday, September 2, 2019

My wife Cheryl is a "Hottie"!

Christine and Adam are both resplendent as well as radiant, but the "hottie" is those wedding photos is my gorgeous and beloved wife Cheryl. 😍
Cheryl has been telephoning me several times every day while she has been in Cleveland, and she is so excited and happy on behalf of Christine and Adam. 🤗
Cheryl also was pleased to see her other three daughters once more at Christine's and Adam's wedding. 😍
Even so, Cheryl, it's now time for you to come home to me and Bodacious Bob, the Wonder Dog.🤔
I lived alone for many years, prior to marrying Cheryl, but this past weekend was the first time, since our marriage on August 11th, 2018, that I've been here at our Falling Waters, West Virginia home alone. I thought it would be a treat or even a nice vacation for me to once again have some cherished private time during this past weekend. However, within less than an hour after Cheryl departed from our home last Friday morning, our home suddenly seemed so empty and I quickly became very lonely and sad.😢
So, Cheryl, drive home to me as fast as you can, and don't heed the speed limits. 😮

Friday, August 9, 2019

Protecting our 2nd Amendment Rights:


CHARLESTON, W.Va. – A group of Republican delegates today are vowing to stand firm to protect West Virginians’ Second Amendment rights.

The pledge comes in response to yesterday’s announcement by two Democrat delegates, who announced they intend to introduce gun control legislation in the state Legislature.

Delegates Tom Bibby, R-Berkeley; Jim Butler, R-Mason; Scott Cadle, R-Mason; Roy Cooper, R-Summers; Mark Dean, R-Mingo; Tom Fast, R-Fayette; John Paul Hott, R-Grant; Gary Howell, R-Mineral; Eric Householder, R-Berkeley; Dean Jeffries, R-Kanawha; Joe Jeffries, R-Putnam; John Kelly, R-Wood; Kayla Kessinger, R-Fayette; Larry D. Kump, R-Berkeley-Morgan; Sharon Malcolm, R-Kanawha; John Mandt, R-Cabell; Carl “Robbie” Martin, R-Upshur; Patrick Martin, R-Lewis; Zack Maynard, R-Lincoln; Pat McGeehan, R-Hancock; Chris Phillips, R-Barbour; Eric Porterfield, R-Mercer; Brandon Steele, R-Raleigh; Terry Waxman, R-Harrison; Marshall Wilson, R-Berkeley; and Evan Worrell, R-Cabell, and Majority Leader Amy Summers, R-Taylor, today issued the following joint statement:

“The recognition and protection of the most basic natural right – the right of self-defense – is enshrined in the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution and in Article III, Section 22 of the Constitution of West Virginia,” the delegates said.

“We will not abandon these guarantees of individual liberty in the pursuit of hollow ‘solutions’ that will not solve the current issue, much less guarantee freedom to the generations that will follow us.

“Having sworn an oath to support the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of this State, we will abide by that oath in spite of short-sighted and temporary political pressures.

“Legislators calling for ‘red flag’ laws are preying upon the fear generated by the actions of madmen that would carry out their acts regardless of any laws this State would enact. What is clear to us is the breakdown of the family will not be overcome by well-intentioned but misplaced legislation that does nothing to solve the core issues that lead to these tragedies.

“The call for ‘red flag’ laws denies the real problem and attacks honest, law-abiding citizens. West Virginia has a large veteran population that cannot be discouraged from seeking help by laws that would disproportionately strip them of the rights they have sacrificed so much to defend. We stand firm in our convictions to defend our constitutional rights and uphold the freedoms of all the people of West Virginia.

“While we will join in thoughtful consideration of any serious proposals to combat the evil acts plaguing our nation, we will remember Benjamin Franklin’s solemn warning that ‘Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.’”

Thursday, July 25, 2019

"Wow!" says it all!

This is "A.J", the beautiful young lady, who is holding a bouquet of roses and standing between my beloved wife Cheryl and me in the Falling Waters, West Virginia "Dollar General" store.
Last Saturday evening, when Cheryl was in the store and fainted from illness, this remarkable Dollar General employee and lady of most infinite worth, immediately sprang into action on Cheryl's behalf.
She took incredible and loving care of Cheryl, until the paramedics arrived and rushed Cheryl to the local hospital.
Cheryl and I today watched the store's security videos of the incident. It was more than scary.
A.J. truly saved Cheryl's life, and my tongue cannot begin to express my supernal gratitude.
May God bless A.J. real good!😍
Postscriptum: For those of you in the Falling Waters area, please stop by the Dollar General store and tell A. J. and her store manager that A.J.'s a lady of most infinite worth. 🤗

Monday, June 24, 2019

Semper Fi!

 Retired Marine Colonel Don Douglas, enjoying a belated 73rd birthday breakfast @ "Betty's" restaurant, with Delegate Larry D. Kump and Larry's beloved wife Cheryl. 🤗
   Colonel Douglas served our country for 38 years, as a "Double Ace" fighter jet pilot and with three tours of duty in Vietnam. 🤔
  He currently is a "Toys for Tots" volunteer coordinator, placing over 6,000 toys for local area needy children during each Christmas.😮
  He also is the chief volunteer caretaker for the African-American "Ubilla" cemetery, in which Civil War era slaves also
are interred . 🙏🏿
Colonel Douglas truly is a man of most infinite worth, who embodies the essence of "Semper Fidelis".
  I am honored and humbled to claim Don as my hero and friend. ☺️

Friday, June 21, 2019

A Heartfelt Letter

After a crazily contentious yet productive special session of the West Virginia Legislature, I made the six hour drive back home here to Falling Waters yesterday, and was heart warmed to find the following letter waiting for me in my mailbox:
"Dear Mr. Kump,
Thank you so much for providing copies of the West Virginia Legislature Membership Directory 2019 at our Hedgesville Library.
How I wish that more legislators were as aware of and concerned about their constituents as you are.
I have always believed that each of us has a responsibility to become informed about the issues, our local, state, and federal governments, and our state legislators and congresspersons.
While voting is a right, it is also a privilege and an obligation.
You have provided, at no cost to us, valuable information in a concise, well-organized format.
I hope that more people will pick up a copy and appreciate you having made it readily accessible.
Linda L. Jones"
Footnote: Please share this post with others and ask them to go and do likewise. Also, please check out, and may God bless you all real good!

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Straight from the Heart (and a blast from the Past)

I have been asked by friends of Larry to enter some positive comments regarding Larry. I have resisted, not because of any doubts about Larry, but because I am not a West Virginian.
 Also I am very cynical of politics and politicos.
 Honestly, in my opinion and be it red or blue, politics is crap and all crap stinks.
 So at the risk of offending a person that I consider a good friend, I must question his sanity for desiring to enter this foray.
With that being said, I have known Larry for 16 years and from those years of working with, and sometimes even working against Larry, I can say for certainty that Larry would be one of the very few people that would represent his constituents with absolute integrity.
I know that Larry believes in a minimal intrusion type of government and constantly seeks ways to use the remaining "necessary evil" that government is in a most efficient manner.
Quite simply and for what it is worth, if I could vote for Larry I would.

John Reamy, friend and former coworker

Footnote from Larry: This letter of endorsement was first penned by John in August of 2010. It still touches my heart. Check out for other issues pertaining to good governance.

Please share this post with others, and may God bless you all real good!

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Taking the Oath of Office

It made me feel both pleased and proud, to have my wife Cheryl join me and hold the Scriptures, as the West Virginia House of Delegates Clerk Steve Harrison administered the Oath of Office to me, on December 10th, 2018, as a Delegate representing District #59 (Berkeley-Morgan counties)🤗

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Whistle-Blower Protections to be Enhanced

This week, the West Virginia House of Delegates passed my HB 2497 (Whistle-Blower Law Enhancements) by an unanimous vote of 99 (with one delegate, Kayla Kessinger,  being absent and unable to vote).
 Although HB 2497 is titled under "Whistle-Blower Law", I prefer to describe it as the "State Employees Bill of Rights and Responsibilities".
 Under the current law, a whistle-blower is a state civil service employee who makes "a good faith effort" to blow the whistle on "wrongdoing or waste" in our West Virginia state government.
 HB 2497 extends and strengthens this current law by prohibiting state government from denying whistle-blowers promotions or other increase in compensation that they otherwise would have received.
 HB 2497 also allows whistle-blowers. who are retaliated against, to use the West Virginia Public Employees Grievance Procedure, and provides that nothing shall disparage, impair, or limit any other right or legal action of the employee.
 HB 2497 further allows state employees to be members of employee organizations or to refrain to be members of employee organizations.
 Finally, except when on duty or acting in an official capacity and except where otherwise prohibited by state or federal law, no civil service employee may be prohibited from engaging in political activity or be denied the right to refrain from engaging in political activity.
 Whistle-blowers typically are under a lot of pressure and even retaliation for standing up and speaking out about government wrongdoing and waste.
 HB 2497, if enacted into law, will strengthen and protect our courageous government whistle-blowers.
 HB 2497 now is pending consideration and passage by the West Virginia State Senate.
 For more about my views on good governance, visit and also
 Please share this message with others, and ask then to also go and do likewise.
 May God bless you all real good!