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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Down the West Virginia Rabbit Hole

It's Wednesday morning, March 12th, and it looks as if that West Virginia state legislators may be held over here in a special session until Friday, maybe longer.

Confusion stalks the Democrat majority, and there seems to be conflict between the Democrat leadership in the House of Delegates and the Senate, as the Budget continues to be a major point of contention.

Meanwhile, the Governor ponders a veto of both pro-life and 2nd Amendment bills that have been passed by the Legislature.

It now appears certain that the Legislature will continue spending pretty much as usual, requiring dipping into the previously established "Rainy Day Fund", in order to meet our Constitutional mandate to balance the budget. How big of a dip is the question, and what does that say about West Virginia's future?

Speaking of dippy, the Senate President has been strangely advocating the resurrection of the consideration a of huge pay raise for county elected officials.

And, will the "Sudafed" prescription controversy once again find its way back into legislative contention?

Finally, what about all those overlooked and forgotten proposals to lift West Virginia out of our bottom ranking in regard to personal prosperity and economic growth?

And so it goes.

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