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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Eastern Panhandle Legislative News Update #5

Participating in the Monday morning, February 17th, 2014 meeting of the West Virginia Eastern Panhandle Legislative Delegation (Hampshire, Morgan, Berkeley, & Jefferson Counties) were Delegates Larry D. Kump, Paul Espinosa, Larry Faircloth, Daryl Cowles, Mike Folk, John Overington, and Ruth Rowan, as well as Senator Don Cookman.

Reverend J. Charles Riecks updated legislators about commuter rail access issues.

Art Thomm and about twenty Eastern Panhandle members of the West Virginia Citizens Defense League also participated in this legislative meeting.

Delegate Kump reported that HB 4007, which would protect the property rights of residential home owners who have private septic systems and wells, had not yet received a hearing or vote before the House of Delegates Political Subdivisions Committee. He also reported that he will not be giving up on this issue.

Some, but not all, legislative proposals which have been co-sponsored by Delegate Kump and are still awaiting committee action, are HB 4250 2nd Amendment "Constitutional Carry" Rights (with Delegate Folk, Berkeley County), HB 4479 Voter Identification (with Delegate Ireland, Ritchie County), HB 4219 Audit Highway Division Policies & Practices (with Delegate Gearheart, Mercer County), HB 4447 Increased Competitive Bidding by State Agencies (with Delegate Howell, Mineral County), HB 4464 Enhanced Freedom of Information Act Rights (with Delegate Armstead, Kanawha County), HB 4273 & HB 4274 Allow Sale of Raw Milk (with Delegate Sobonya, Cabell County), HB 4546 Rural Water Pipeline Construction (with Delegate Cadle, Mason County), HB 4569 Requiring law enforcement agencies to publicize reports on seizures of private property (with Delegate Cowles, Morgan County), and HB 4145 Crossbow Hunting (with Delegate Faircloth, Berkeley County).

Delegate Folk reported on HB 4216 (and SB 529), which would protect property owners regarding aircraft operations on private property. He also discussed HB 4378, which would streamline the permit process for dealing with wildlife that damage cultivated crops.

Senator Cookman reported that there has been no action on SB 368, which would reform wholesale gasoline pricing practices.

Delegate Faircloth provided a progress update on SB 373, which would further regulate public water resources and which has passed the House of Delegates Health &
Human Resources Committee.

A representative of the Highway Division will participate in next Monday's meeting
of Eastern Panhandle legislators.

Delegate Kump again noted that all legislative proposals must be reported out the committees in their originating body (House of Delegates or Senate) no later than Sunday, February 23rd. After that date, legislators will concentrate their attention on legislation which already has passed the other originating body (House of Delegates or Senate).

The above summary includes only highlights from the meeting.

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