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Monday, February 10, 2014

Eastern Panhandle Legislative News Update #4

Participating in the Monday, February 10th, 2014 meeting of the West Virginia Eastern Panhandle Legislative Delegation (Hampshire, Morgan, Berkeley, & Jefferson Counties) were Delegates Larry D. Kump, Paul Espinosa, Larry Faircloth, Eric Householder, Daryl Cowles, Mike Folk, John Overington, and Ruth Rowan.

Delegate Kump reported on the public hearing held last Thursday night on HB 4007, his proposal to protect the property rights of owners who have private residential septic systems and wells. United States Senator Joe Manchin also sent a representative to observe the citizen testimony at that hearing. The Falling Waters legislator has followed up on that public hearing, with a request to the House of Delegates Political Subdivisions Committee Chairperson (Delegate Tiffany Lawrence), asking for a committee hearing and a vote to pass HB 4007 out of that committee.

He also reported that he is cosponsoring HB 4396 (Finance Committee) with Delegate Joe Ellington (Mercer County), to begin a trial program to reduce gasoline prices, by lowering gasoline taxes in border counties. If successful, this trial program then could be expanded to apply to all of West Virginia.

Delegate Kump is cosponsoring HJR 105 (Judiciary Committee)with Delegate Gary Howell (Mineral County). HJR 105 is an amendment to the West Virginia Constitution, which would further protect our 2nd Amendment rights, by prohibiting the state or any of its subdivisions from maintaining any registry of firearms owned by Mountaineer citizens.

He also reminded fellow legislators that Monday, February 17th, is the last day in which to introduce new legislative proposals (bills).

Delegate Folk announced the endorsement of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) of HB 4216 (Judiciary Committee), which would extend liability protection to land owners for aircraft operations on their property. Delegate Folk also reported that HB 4378 (Agriculture & Natural Resources Committee), which would help farmers deal with destructive wildlife that destroy cultivated crops, is undergoing further revision prior to a committee vote.

Delegate Espinosa reported that he is introducing legislation to tighten up the financial and performance audits of all state government agencies and also audit the State Legislature.

Delegate Householder announced that he is introducing legislation to nullify "Obamacare" in West Virginia.

A request for the Attorney General and also a representative from the Department of Transportation to meet with Eastern Panhandle legislators still is pending.

Note: The above is a partial report of the highlights of the meeting.

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