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Monday, February 3, 2014

Eastern Panhandle Legislative News Update #3

Participating in the Monday, February 3rd morning meeting of the West Virginia Eastern Panhandle were Delegates Larry D. Kump, Paul Espinosa, Larry Faircloth, Eric Householder, Daryl Cowles, Mike Folk, John Overington, and Ruth Rowan as well as Senator Craig Blair.

Delegate Kump reported that HB 4007, his proposal to protect the property rights of residential homeowners who have private septic systems and wells, now has been rescheduled for a public hearing at 5:30 PM, Thursday, February 6th in the Chamber of the West Virginia House of Delegates.(The previous public hearing on January 21st had been postponed, due to the sudden and unexpected illness of the Political Subdivisions Committee Chairperson.) This rescheduled public hearing is open to all interested individuals to testify. This is a public hearing and a vote on HB 4007 will NOT be held at that time. HB 4007 also is awaiting a hearing and a vote by the House of Delegates Political Subdivisions Committee. Delegate Kump also discussed HB 2871 (Judiciary Committee), which is his proposal to roll back the implementation of the federal "REAL ID ACT of 2005", which West Virginia also has adopted and which has caused so many drivers' license renewal problems for many Mountaineer motorists (especially women). Eastern Panhandle Delegates Folk and Householder are cosponsors of HB 2871. Finally, Delegate Kump also announced that he and Delegate Folk are cosponsoring a proposal with Delegate Joe Ellington (Mercer County), to begin a pilot program that would reduce gasoline prices.

Senator Blair led discussion on SB 365, which as passed the Senate Government Organization Committee and is pending a hearing by the Senate Finance Committee. This proposal would exempt the elected members of Conservation Districts from the State Ethics Law, in order to enable them and their families to be eligible to receive agriculture grants. He also is continuing to work on gasoline fuel price issues.

Delegate Folk reported on HB 4378, which is pending a hearing in the Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee. It would make it easier for farmers to get permits to control crop damage caused by deer.

Delegate Overington advocated on behalf of HB 4378 (Judiciary Committee), which would further restrict bar closing times.

Delegate Faircloth reported that legislation allowing cross-bow hunting in West Virginia has passed the Agriculture Committee and now is pending a hearing before the Finance Committee.

Delegate Cowles discussed the ongoing difficulties in obtaining state bond funding for sewer plant upgrades and improvements at Cacapon State Park.

Delegate Rowan reported that HB 4137, to address special need student funding allocation issues, has passed the Education Committee and is awaiting a hearing before the Finance Committee.

Delegate Espinosa announced that he soon will be introducing legislation to require an audit of all state agencies. Delegate Kump and others have agreed to be cosponsors.

Attorney General Patrick Morrisey has been invited to participate in next week's meeting.

Representatives from the Division of Highways and also the State Police will be requested to speak at future meetings.

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