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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Do What is Right

HB 4007 is my legislative proposal (bill) to protect the property rights of residents in owner occupied homes. It would prohibit local West Virginia government sewer and water districts from forcing homeowners to pay many thousands of dollars and paying subsequent monthly service fees to connect with expanding public sewers and water systems, as long as their private wells and septic systems are safe and do not constitute a public safety or health hazard. HB 4007 previously had a public hearing in the Chamber of the West Virginia House of Delegates, wherein private citizens were given the opportunity to speak. However, to continue to be considered by the Legislature, HB 4007 now must have a hearing and a favorable vote by the House of Delegates Political Subdivisions Committee, which is chaired by Delegate Tiffany Lawrence (Jefferson County). The last day that this committee hearing can be held and this committee vote can be taken is Wednesday, February 19th.

HB 2871,Drivers' Licenses (Judiciary Committee), is my proposal to roll back the provisions of the federal "Real ID Act of 2005", which West Virginia subsequently also adopted into state law. This has caused many drivers' license renewal problems for Mountaineer motorists (especially women). Although West Virginia was among the first to make this federal law also into a state law, the United State Department of Homeland Security repeatedly has put off enforcement. Moreover,Seventeen other states have passed laws restricting or banning its implementation within their borders. Federal enforcement of Real ID has been delayed four times since it was supposed to go into effect in 2008. Alaska, Arizona, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oklahoma, and Washington still have not met these federal standards. Another fifteen states do not yet meet these standards and have received federal extensions until October to do so, and can ask for more extensions after that. (Source: National Conference of State Legislatures)

As this year's Legislative Session quickly is coming to a close, a Church hymn, "Do What is Right", comes to my mind. This musical prayer counsels us to "Do what is right. Let the consequence follow.". My personal pledge to all Mountaineers is to always do my best to do what is right, regardless of the consequences.

And so it goes...

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