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Monday, January 20, 2014

2014 Eastern Panhandle Legislator News Update #1 (Breaking News: Please note HB 4007 public hearing postponement)

Delegates Paul Espinosa, Mike Folk, Larry Faircloth, Larry D. Kump, John Overington, Daryl Cowles, Ruth Rowan and Senator Craig Blair all participated in the weekly Monday morning, January 20th State House meeting of the Eastern Panhandle

Delegate Kump reported that he has introduced a number of legislative proposals. The Falling Waters Delegate made specific mention of HB 4007 (Political Subdivisions Committee), which would protect the property rights of residential homeowners from being forced to give up their working wells and septic systems, to involuntarily be a part of public sewer and water systems. (Note: A public hearing on HB 4007 was scheduled for 4:00 PM, Tuesday, January 21st, in the House of Delegates Chamber, but has been postponed, due to the sudden and ongoing illness of the Political Subdivisions Commitee Chairperson Tiffany Lawrence. A new hearing date will be shared as soon as it is determined.) He also discussed his proposal to exempt those receiving social security benefits from West Virginia state taxes.

Delegate Folk explained HB 4216 (Judiciary Committee), which would extend the protections of the recreational use act to aviators who use private airstrips and farms.

Delegate Faircloth discussed HB 4145 (Natural Resources & Agriculture Committee); which also is cosponsored by Delegates Kump, Householder & Rowan. It would extend the privilege of cross bow hunting licenses to all West Virgina residents. He also is working on a legislative proposal to require the West Virginia Department of Environment Protection to use the same enforcement standards on all businesses and not play favorites.

Delegate Cowles spoke about the funding needs for the West Virginia Schools for the Deaf and the Blind in Romney, West Virginia. He went on to also discuss the need to fix the "glitches" in the bonding proposal that would fund improvements at Cacapon State Park.

Delegate Overington reported on HB 2477, which would allow motorcyclists to use amber and white safety lights. He said he expected it to quickly pass the House of Delegates.

Delegate Espinosa discussed HB 4219 (Government Organization Committee), which would require an audit of the West Virginia Division of Highways.

Delegate Rowan reported on HB 4137 (Education Committee), which would equalize the funding allocation reimbursement for special needs students who attend local schools.

Senator Blair discussed his cosponsorship of SB 368 (Judiciary Committee), which would eliminate the guarantee of minimum prices for companies on the sale of gasoline. Delegate Kump encouraged all Eastern Panhandle legislators to support this proposal.

The Eastern Panhandle legislators agreed to invite West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey to participate in an upcoming meeting. (Date to be determined)

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