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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

From My Neighbor & Friend

To my fellow voters,

I'd like to encourage you to vote. It still is one of the great freedoms we're allowed in this country.

And, I'd like to encourage you to vote for Mr. Larry D. Kump.

There is a lot of things going on this country that just doesn't make sense. Voting for someone who sells lies and then goes rogue once elected into office is one of them. If a man isn't good for his word, he ain't much good for anything.

I encouraged Mr. Kump to run the first time because I've been his neighbor and have known him for a long time. His character is spot on. I knew he could & would make a difference.

Big government is slowing sucking the life out of our once great country. We're seen as a laughing stock now amongst our creditors. This country was founded on Biblical principles, designed to make us free. Now, as they are being stripped away, we the people are becoming slaves.

We need a good man who is rooted and grounded in the principles of moral conscience and liberty.

It's time to take back this land from the thieves and robbers pillaging us taxpayers.

So as an encouragement to vote - vote Mr. Larry D. Kump for the West Virginia House of Delegates...

For Freedom! ...For Liberty!... For Good Governance!

Greg Dash,
Falling Waters, West Virginia

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