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Friday, July 12, 2013

Further Feedback on Highway Taxes

Dear Carol,


 Although the Commission repeatedly claimed last night that they were not campaigning for more taxes and were open to all ideas, that assertion was questioned by citizens at the meeting.

 The Commission also used a fun and fascinating, yet flawed and faux "focus group" polling of meeting participants, using high tech individual "clickers" and instant power point displays of the results to each question.

 I pointed out, in my testimony, and based of previous years of administrative experience with statistical analysis and polling protocols, that last night's polling was not a scientific sampling of all voters, and that some of the language and scope of the poll questions was troublesome.

 Even so, the meeting participants still did not "buy in" to the idea of more taxes, and expressed a strong desire for much better management of our tax dollars.


Dear Larry,

 You make too much sense.

 (Delegate Carol Miller - Huntington)

Footnote: Please see the news stories and entries posted at this website; "Avoid Rush of Highway Tax Hikes",  "Voters Resist Road Taxes" and "WV Leaders Ponder Tax  Hikes"

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