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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Inquiry to the Power Company

Dear First Energy/Potomac Edison:

Having intently monitored the public pandemonium regarding the recent residential electricity billing snafu, but also wanting to avoid meaningless political posturing, there nevertheless are two issues of concern to me regarding this dilemma on which your feedback would be appreciated.

First, while I believe I have a basic understanding of some of the problems that have been inherent in billing cycles and the lack of physical meter readings, could you please advise me of the underlying cause as to why so many have reported estimated billings of such egregiously elevated amounts? It simply seems to me, as a non-expert in this field, that there has yet been put forth an easily understandable cause by First Energy/Potomac Edison as to why some of these estimated billings have been elevated much more than a prudent person can fathom. Can you shed further light on this conundrum?

Secondly and in regard to the actual reading of the meters, would it be prudent and possible for both your company and the consumers to initiate a more expanded voluntary consumer meter reading program, wherein consumers could  be given more encouragement, regularly could self-report their meter readings, and perhaps even be given a discounted electric rate for their participation?

Delegate Larry D. Kump
West Virginia House of Delegates District #59
Berkeley-Morgan Counties (Eastern Panhandle)

Footnote: Although there currently is a place on electric bills wherein customers are instructed how to make their own meter readings, there is no financial incentive for them to do so.

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