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Monday, April 1, 2013

Emergency Legislation Introduced Today

Bill Numbers, Bill Descriptions, and Committee Assignments:

HJR 66 Amending the West Virginia Constitution by removing "Pursuit of Happiness"- to Constitutional Revision and then Judiciary.

HJR 67 Amending the West Virginia Constitution by abolishing the West Virginia Senate- to Consitutional Revision and then Judiciary

HB 3219 Requiring the Department of Transportation to fund and construct at least fifty (50) new bridges each year, solely for the Legislature to name on behalf of constituents- to Veterans Affairs and Homeland Security and then Finance.

HB 3220 Prohibiting the sale of elected and appointed officials to the lowest bidder- to Judiciary and then Finance.

HB 3221 Declaring April 1st an official state holiday, but only for certain elected and appointed officials- to Government Organization and then Finance.

HB 3222 Authorizing the Lottery Commission to promulgate legislative rules relating to wagering on the outcome of ethics commission and attorney general opinions- to Finance and then Judiciary.

HB 3223 Authoring the Secretary of State to promulgate legislative rules relating to the optional counting of ballots and the use of alternative mathematical principles for tallying election results generally- to Political Subdivisions and then Judiciary.

HCR 666 Establishing water as the official West Virginia state liquid- to Rules.

For those who don't understand the above, please consider the April 1st date of this entry's posting.

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