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Monday, March 4, 2013

2013 Eastern Panhandle News #4

Attending this morning's State House meeting of the Eastern Panhandle legislators were Senator Don Cookman as well as Delegates Larry D. Kump, Mike Folk, Larry Faircloth, Daryl Cowles, Paul Espinosa, Eric Householder, John Overington, and Ruth Rowan.

Guest participants were Scott Swaim and Kurt Fuchts from West Virginia Farm Credit.

There was a spirited discussion about education reform. Delegate Kump lamented that the proposed legislation from the Governor does not sufficiently reduce the bureaucracy and control of the State Board of Education and suggested that the proposed legislation needs to do more to empower local county boards and local teachers.

The consideration of adult drug courts for the Eastern Panhandle was broached. Delegate Eric Householder will follow up and do additional research.

There was discussion of HB 2720 (bar closing times). Delegate Kump suggested that the best solution to this issue would be to give the authority to individual counties to regulate alcoholic beverages and that proposed county regulations should then be subject to a voter referendum in the following general election.

The Workers' Compensation coverage cost problem for volunteers at local fire departments was discussed.

HB 2723 by Delegate Larry Faircloth would institute a five percent (5%) surcharge on bail bonds (to be paid by those getting the bail bonds) to help fund regional jails and state police operations.

Additional legislative news is reported in other entries at this website. For even further information on other bills introduced and the legislators who are assigned to the committees with responsibilities for these bills, click on the "WV State Legislature" link under "Links" on the right hand side of this webpage.

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