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Saturday, September 29, 2012

And the Beat Still Goes On...

The West Virginia Business & Industry Council (BIC) has endorsed the re-election of Delegate Larry D. Kump to the West Virginia Legislature in the new House of Delegates District #59 in the Eastern Panhandle (Berkeley-Morgan Counties).

In a letter to Delegate Kump from BIC Chairman Janet Vineyard, she pointed out to him that, "Having worked closely in my position with state government and various organizations, I deeply admire your commitment and resolve in running for state office, as the problems facing West Virginia surely will impact future generations...We look forward to working with you.".

BIC includes more than 50 West Virginia trade associations and businesses, which collectively represent more than 250,000 employees across multiple industry categories. For further information and a list of BIC members, contact Janet Vineyard at

Friday, September 28, 2012

Medical News Update

The West Virginia State Medical Association Political Action Committee (WESPAC) has endorsed the re-election of Delegate Larry D. Kump to the West Virginia House of Delegates in District #59 (Berkeley-Morgan Counties).

According to WESPAC Chairman Phillip R. Stevens, MD, WESPAC is "concerned for patients' rights, the public health of WV, affordable health insurance coverage for all families, and fairness in the courtroom."

The West Virginia State Medical Association has over 2,800 members who are physicians, retired physicians, medical residents, and students.

For further information, contact Amy Tolliver at (304) 925-0342 #25.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

West Virginia Energy News

The West Virginians for Coal Political Action Committee has endorsed the re-election of Delegate Larry D. Kump to the West Virginia Legislature in District #59.

Chris Hamilton, West Virginians for Coal, pointed out that, "We appreciate all your hard work for your district, the state and for the state's energy and extractive programs."

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Islamic Issue

Having previously studied Islam and their Quran, I wonder and worry about those who so maliciously malign all those of that faith.

We should take great care to avoid conflating the Islamic faith of approximately 1.5 billion people with the twisted agenda of some revolutionary extremists, who pervert and subvert that faith into their raison d'etre.

While not Christian, most Muslims also are God fearing and sincere in their beliefs. Defaming their faith plays into the very hands of terrorist evil-doers.

After  all, how would we react if Christianity was judged on the basis of David Koresh's child abuse or the Reverend Jim Jones' kool-aid drinkers?

Postscript: The purpose of this entry solely was to caution against sterotyping any group of people. I did not make any distinctions regarding the validity of the various sects of the Islamic (or any other) faith, nor did I suggest any weakening of support for American Excellence (as embodied by our Constitution) or our national interests. Furthermore, this entry made no suggestions whatsoever regarding our Middle Eastern foreign policy.

Note: See other entries on this issue.

A Chaplain on Islam

As a retired military Chaplain let me say an "amen" to Mr. Kump's remarks about Islam. One of the fine lines of distinction that I was always concerned about was precisely the point made here (see previous entries).

In matters of faith the primary call to the believer is to know his or her faith and to incorporate that faith into his or her life.

The primary focus of our faith should lie in ourselves, not in rushing to condemn others, who may not hold the same belief set that we do.

A tricky proposition at best.

And yet, if one really studies the history of o ur country and asks the question, "What caused many of our ancestors to leave their old homeland, family, and friends and undertake a risky journey across many a stormy sea?", you will find in a surprisingly large number of cases the answer was "Religious Intolerance."

Grace and Peace,