This website is devoutly dedicated to all of Larry's friends and associates, both early and late, who have influenced and mentored him. However, it also should be noted that, being who they are, a majority of them have been late most of the time.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Yesterday afternoon, in the West Virginia State Legislature's Government Organization Interim Committee Subcommittee meeting, one Senator proposed that, in order to give social workers more personal protection, state troopers make precautionary pre-visits to the homes of all social work clients.



  1. I know those people in WV are so glad to have you looking out for them. That's MY LARRY!! They couldn't get along without you, and I wish we had you here in Maryland, where we NEED you!!

  2. "Yikes!" is right.
    What's wrong with that yahoo?
    Is this what you get when cousins marry?


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