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Monday, March 5, 2012

2012 Eastern Panhandle Report #7

Due to the press of numerous and competing committee meetings during this last week of the Legislative Session, the Eastern Panhandle Legislative Caucus meeting this morning was both brief and sparsely attended by area legislators.

Legislative proposals which have passed the originating chamber (House of Delegates or Senate) were reviewed.

There also was further discussion about West Virginia's implementation of the federal requirement for additional documentation for drivers licenses, which has become such a nightmare for Mountaineers, especially women who have had name changes because of marriage or divorce (see previous March 4th entry below). HB 4556, an attempt to ease these regulations, was introduced by Delegates Walter Duke, Larry D. Kump, Eric Householder, John Overington, and Jonathan Miller. Sadly, HB 4556 never even was given a legislative committee hearing.

Although the Legislative Session will end after Midnight, on Saturday, March 10th, legislators will remain in the State Capitol during the following week, in order to finalize the State Budget.

Participating in this morning's Eastern Panhandle Caucus were Delegates Daryl Cowles, Larry D. Kump, Eric Householder, John Overington, Ruth Rowan, and Walter Duke.

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