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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pensions, Driver's Licenses, & Public Projects

Additional legislation that I have cosponsored is HB 4555, HB4556, HB 4558, and HB4563.

HB 4555 would exempt the first $20,000 in pensions and social security benefits from West Virginia income taxes.

HB 4556 would permit the option of allowing previously used names on West Virginia Driver's Licenses.

HB 4558 would ease the penalties used to revoke West Virginia Driver's Licenses for minor infractions.

HB 4563 would save West Virginia taxpayers many millions of dollars by revising the method that wages are set for public construction projects.

Click on "WV State Legislature" under "Links" on the right hand side of this webpage for more legislative information.

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  1. Larry, thank for for HB4556. We have a friend who is here legally in the US who is having trouble with the DMV getting a driver's license. She has a MD license, but her name on the MD license is different than the one on her green card. What can be done to expedite her getting a license? Her husband is disabled with Lou Gherig's disease and she needs to be able to drive.


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