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Monday, February 13, 2012

2012 Eastern Panhandle Report #5

In the Eastern Panhandle Legislative Caucus meeting this morning, West Virginia Division of Transportation spokesperson Marvin Murphy gave an extensive update on road projects within the Eastern Panhandle.

Mr. Murphy explained that West Virginia still is waiting for specific federal budget project funding for about $400 million. He also reported that the I-81 widening project between Marlowe and the Potomac River should be completed this year. Discussions also are ongoing with Maryland regarding the widening of the I-81 bridge over the Potomac River. Improvements to Rt 9 from Martinsburg to Berkeley Springs as well as Rt 522 also are under review. The caucus also requested that a turn lane be added to Rt 9 at the site of the new Division of Motor Vehicles office.

Berkeley Council Councilperson Elaine Mauck discussed Berkeley County government concerns and Eastern Panhandle Conservation District issues also were reviewed.

Much concern and frustration was expressed by the caucus about the West Virginia County Commissioners Association opposition to helping senior citizens get additional property tax credits.

State legislators participating in this caucus meeting were Delegates Daryl Cowles, John Overington, Larry D. Kump, Walter Duke, Ruth Rowan, Eric Householder, Gary Howell, and Tiffany Lawrence.

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