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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

More on "Sad", from an upset Mountaineer citizen

No, he's just a politician doing what they do best - Thumbing their noses at God.

Whether it's taxing the poor on their groceries, or fleecing the rich, just because there's always an open season on greed (class warfare).

I'm disgusted at his choice.

What a contrast to our Foundering Fathers. They opened sessions with prayer - sincere heartfelt prayer; not some clergyman who shows up to read a speech and call it a prayer (They don't even shut their eyes - they don't address Deity, they just read a speech).

Larry, do your duty. But, let them know that even if they don't believe in the Sabbath, we expect them to respect it.

Thomas Jefferson said the people get the government they deserve. Well, at least some of them.

Feel free to publish this bipartisan rant!

Your Brother,


Note: See comments from others on this issue, under "comments" at the end of the previous "Sad" entry.

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