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Wednesday, November 9, 2011


"It's simply so sad that the West Virginia Governor called a Special Session of the Legislature for the Lord's Day (Sunday), and also right in the middle of the day (Noon, November 13th) when many folks participate in worship services." -Delegate Larry D. Kump

Postscript: The Special Session was for the purpose of certifying the recent special election for the Governor, a formality vote that only will take a few minutes, but the added irony to all of this is that an Interim Session of the Legislature already had been scheduled for the next day (Monday, November 14th). The Governor could have called this Special Session to coincide with the Interim Session which starts on Monday and, in the process, also saved taxpayers additional expenses.


  1. Is the state's ox stuck in the mud?

    (Luke 14:5)

  2. Is the Governor purposely snubbing Christians or does he lack an understanding of the Christian faith?
    Why all of this extra expense?

  3. Even an infidel has enough common sense to wait till Monday. Perhaps he's afraid that someone will contest the election before he gets to certify it. I think that every member of the House and Senate should refuse to show up on Sunday to confirm his Obamanation.

  4. During the Constitutional Convention in 1787, the delegates were deadlocked. Ben Franklin suggested intercessory prayer. About two weeks later the United Sates Constitution came to pass. One of many such interventions in the early years of our nation. My experience is there is no coincidence, only the ability to plausibly deny what occurred. Instead of politicking, that fellow should try going to church on Sunday and asking direction via prayer. As should we all on the 13th.

  5. I think he just wants his buddies in the state legislature (senate and house of delegates) to get an extra per-diem allowance for the extra day. After all, he was recently one of them until he moved to fill the empty governor's seat.

    That seems like the only rational reason to not having the vote on the day after (Monday) when everyone was going to be there anyway.

    As I see it, most everyone would have been travelling to Charleston on Sunday in order to make the Monday morning session. So.... by giving them something official to do on Sunday, while they're there anyway, he can put few more dollars in their pocket.


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