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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Proposed Legislation on Heinous Offenses

Dear Amanda,
I support "No Parole" legislation for murderers, rapists, and child/vulnerable person abusers.

Delegate Larry D. Kump, District #52
Morgan-Berkeley Counties (Eastern Panhandle)

Postscript: I have requested West Virginia's Legislative Services to prepare draft legislation for me to approve and submit to the 2012 Legislature on this issue.

Dear Senators/ Delegates,

I am 33 yrs old, and was raped when I was a child.
I never really had anyone to talk to about this. Things did come out later on, but this man was a family friend, and my parents assumed that he wouldn't have done this, since they were such good friends.. Four or five years ago, I confronted this man and he admitted to me he knew what he had did. Only it is still fresh in my memory and hurts like hell. This man has sugar diabietes and is very sick.
I believe in karma and maybe he is paying for what he has done to me, in that sense.But that still doesn't help my heart, soul, or my ability to forgive.
I am writing you this letter on behalf of something very dear to my heart, in hopes that we can get some laws and punishments changed.
Many of you may not want to listen to me and blow me off, but you must understand, I will NOT quite writing or trying to get things changed until I know that people like myself and others not only get justice and some peace, but see that these sick people pay for their crimes..
I can not understand how I can watch TV and here that someone raped someone, and went to jail only to get out on a thousand dollar bond?? Only to return to rape someone else. If you watch tv this happening We NEED CHANGES in our SYSTEM!! where people don't go through the system only to be let out again, get told they are mentally challenged.
This is just a slap on the hand for them to do it again! I have never seen where someone of this nature has ever changed.... I don't want this to happen to someone else.This is one of the worse pains I have ever endeavoured. I don't care what we got to do , to get this law passed, that if someone rapes
or sexually abuses someone in anyway that they be held responsible and go to jail for a LONG time. People who do drugs get higher sentences than a raptist!!!! and Yes both crimes should be punished, but it sounds like to me that the SYSTEM doesn't have its PRIORTIES STRAIGHT!!
So I am asking as sincere as I can , PLEASE, PLEASE make the system, courts,judges, lawmakers make tougher laws for this crime...
And to see if we can have someone talk to children in schools, communities about this and if they need help what to do.
I AM WILLING TO DO THIS MYSELF, If I could.. But, they also have to know that if they have someone to talk too, that the law and the system will be behind them and not run from this major problem.
I thank you for your time and would greatly appreciate your comments,help
and most of all your response back to this. My email is -
If it would help I am willing to get petitions started, IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!
Thank-you once more,
Amanda Anderson

1 comment:

  1. Larry,
    I definitely agree with you on this legislation.
    Too many women, children, and even men are victims.
    The result is life-long scarring.


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