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Saturday, August 20, 2011

WV Legislature Tramples Equal Justice

 Refusing to grant even a token public hearing on the new West Virginia House of Delegates redistricting proposal (HB 201), House of Delegates Legislative Leaders  continued to spurn outraged citizens and orchestrated yet another gerrymandered outcome, once again denying the principle and practice of  "one man - one vote" as well as also denying more fair representation of local communities.

 A previous session of the Legislature earlier this month approved the Constitutionally required redistricting for the West Virginia State Senate and United States Congressional Districts. These proposals were signed into law by the Acting Governor.

  However, the technically flawed and ill conceived "back room" redistricting proposal for the West Virginia House of Delegates (HB 106) was vetoed by the Acting Governor, requiring yet another and expensive special legislative session to redo the redistricting for the House of Delegates (the new HB 201).

  Concern already has  been voiced that HB 201 has  been yet another rushed and "insider" production by the House of Delegates Leadership, containing numerous drafting errors.

  From the Eastern Panhandle and voting as well as cosponsoring today for the "one man - one vote" amendment to HB 201 were  Delegates Daryl Cowles, Larry D. Kump, Walter Duke, Eric Householder,and John Overington. Delegates Tiffany Lawrence and John Doyle also voted Yea, but were not cosponsors of the amendment.  Not voting and not present at the Legislative Session was Delegate Jonathan Miller. No Eastern Panhandle Delegates voted Nay. The amendment failed (Roll Call # 545: 55 Nays, 41Yeas, and 5 Not Voting)

 Although numerous court challenges are poised to be filed on HB 201 (if the Acting Governor signs the final passage of HB201 into law), the final verdict on this miscarriage of justice will be rendered by Mountain State voters when they vote in the 2012 elections. 

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