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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Road Apples (a Letter to the Editor)

 The Charleston Daily Mail's Thursday, August 18th "West Virginians Want One Delegate Districts " editorial accurately reflects the public outcry for state legislators to repent of efforts to disenfranchise voters.
 Ongoing legislative efforts to thwart "one man -one vote" in West Virginia and gerrymander legislative districts for partisan political ends is nothing more than  a serving of steaming road apples.
 If the Legislature  and Governor fail to do their duty and fulfill their sacred oaths of office, then the citizens no doubt will appeal to the courts for justice.
 In any case, the final appeal will be decided by voters in the 2012 elections.
Delegate Larry D. Kump
Post 2012 Election Postscript: Notwithstanding the rampant and poltically partisan election districts gerrymanding by the political party in power, West Virginia voters still were able to make their voices heard and throw many of those rascals out. More to come in 2014.

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