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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Returning & Reporting on Redistricting

The first official meeting of the West Virginia House of Delegates Redistricting Committee yesterday mostly was a proforma and procedural non-event.

House of Delegates Majority Leader and Redistricting Chair Brent Boggs avowed that there still are no official legislative redistricting proposals to discuss, but there was a steady stream of anxious incumbent legislators making their way in and out of the redistricting office in the basement of the State House.

The next meeting of the redistricting committee was not announced yesterday, but most probably will be during the next Interim Legislative Session, Monday through Wednesday, July 11th - July 13th.

The results of these legislative deliberations will affect every West Virginia citizen and every election for the next ten years.

Meanwhile, visit the right hand side of this webpage for a direct link to the official "WV State Legislature" website and the latest official news on redistricting and how to email all the redistricting committee members and all other legislators, a toll-free telephone number, and even how to view your current legislative district and how to find out who are your current West Virginia Delegates and Senators.

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