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Monday, April 4, 2011

Even More State Budget News

Click on the link below:

Click on the above Martinsburg Journal editorial, which is"spot on" about the need to quickly purge the 11.600 free-riders from the West Virginia Public Employees Insurance Agency (PEIA), thereby saving $22 million a year.

And, that's just the beginning of our wasted taxpayer dollars (such as the $3 BILLION in unclassified spending) that could and should be saved throughout the West Virginia State Budget.

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  1. As the budget office explained about the unclassified 3 Million, those funds are for the State Welfare Funds respectively. As in the letter I will send you in a packet, there are many things we can do with 3 million other than casinos and waste. We need to be more conservative with our State Tax dollars instead of special interests and wastefull spending inwhich we are scolding the Federal Government is currently doing. In my letter to the Journal, "Simple Economics", I stated we cannot slander the State and/or Federal Government until we have control of our own spending. But, respectively, we should expect out State Government to start immediately with conservative economics and not expect its citizen to pay the bill.
    Instead of worrying about whats going to happen to West Virginia concerning being part of another State, we need to pay closer attention to resolving our own problems.


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