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Monday, September 11, 2017

Previous Forum Feedback from a Friend


I am so proud of you; I could just bust a button.

I was telling some of my co-workers how you are just a breath of fresh air!

You are definitely not the typical politician. Please consider this is an extremely high compliment!

But also know that I appreciate those who sacrifice and serve, because I know it is not an easy job.

First, your intro of the 3 B's was perfect--Be Sincere, Be Short, Be Seated--that got everyone's attention.

But then, when you said "Thank God for Mississippi!" (referring to the only State who's worse off than West Virginia), I nearly fell off my chair!

You spoke the truth!

Why don't some of these career politicians get it?

Why aren't they listening?

We do have many problems to resolve.

We need more sensible and honest people like you in office!

Your life-long friend!


Postscriptum: Visit for more about good governance issues for West Virginia, and share this post with others, asking them to also go and do likewise!

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