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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Legislative Session News #2

 With the West Virginia Supreme Court confirming the necessity of a special election for Governor, some politicos are calling for a Convention to select nominees, instead of a Primary election.
 Inasmuch as a Convention would usurp the right of citizens to have a direct vote on the political parties nominees for Governor and turn it over to the good ol' boys, I have joined others in the West Virginia House of Delegates in sponsoring HB 2552, to require a Primary election.
 Other proposals which I am supporting are the elimination of the West Virginia tax on groceries, personal property taxes on vehicles, social security payments, and home heating fuel.
  Furthermore, within the West Virginia House of Delegates Constitutional Review  Committee, I and other Delegates will be reviewing proposals to increase the Homestead Exemption Tax Credit for senior citizens.
 More to come on this and other issues to come, including legislation to prohibit landlords and homeowners associations from denying citizens the right to fly a standard size or smaller American  flag (or historic American flag) at their residences. 
Delegate Larry D. Kump, District #52
(Portions of Berkeley & Morgan Counties in the Eastern Panhandle)
(304) 340- 3122

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