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Friday, January 14, 2011

Legislative Session News

In reaction to the first week of the 2011 West Virginia Legislature, Delegate Larry D. Kump (R-Morgan & Berkeley Counties) remarked that "Most folks in West Virginia remain concerned about the drumbeat of claims that West Virginia government is in good shape, because their own personal and family situations continue to be at risk."

"Our friends and neighbors continue to struggle to make ends meet, and it is not unusual for either or both husband and wife to be working more than one job. Single parents are under even more stress", said the Eastern Panhandle legislator.

He went on to point out that "most folks just want to be able to get on with their lives without government making their personal and family situations worse. To that end, they are looking for government that helps enhance their economic opportunities and freedom of choice as well as increases governmental accountability and transparency".

On another legislative issue, Kump confessed that he is "greatly troubled by public officials who continue to dodge a special election for Governor by insisting that voters are tired of elections. Those elected officials who try to delay our Constitutional duty and responsibility to ensure that our Governor is elected by the people do us a grave disservice. Those who are 'tired of elections' have the right to decline to participate at the polling places, but elected officials have taken an oath of office to preserve the right of the people to choose their leaders".

Delegate Larry D. Kump
West Virginia House of Delegates District #52
(Portions of Berkeley and Morgan Counties in the Eastern Panhandle) Email: Larry.Kump @

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