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Friday, December 17, 2010

The Dark Side of West Virginia

The forthcoming Macy's distribution center in Berkeley County, West Virginia is a success story.

This new 1900 employee job source also is a coup for the Berkeley County Development Authority and a testament to their persuasive skills, expertise, and perseverance.

This is especially true since West Virginia usually sends potential employers, as well as 50% of our Berkeley County working adults, running into the arms of other states.

And therein is the dark side of this story.

Employers mean jobs for you and me, but West Virginia's anti-job growth taxation of personal property and equipment makes it a hard sell to convince businesses to come to and grow in West Virginia, hence the need for a "special" agreement to persuade Macy's to open their distribution center in Berkeley County.

Adding to this travesty is West Virginia's current ranking as the third worst legal system in the United States.

Simply put: major reform is needed of West Virginia's laws and Constitution to provide more jobs and prosperity for all of us in West Virginia.

An edited version of the above appeared as a letter-to-the-editor in the Dec 21, 2010 edition of the Hagerstown Herald-Mail.