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Monday, October 28, 2013

A Message from Dick & Jane

Dear Mr. Kump,

As voters in your West Virginia House of Delegates legislative district, my wife and I visited your website and began reading it aloud.

We found ourselves nodding our heads after each point, something that is rare in our house regarding politicians.

These are trying times, and our Constitution is "hanging by a thread".

Best wishes in the election - our state and nation need leaders such as you.

We look forward to voting for you and encouraging all of our friends and neighbors to do the same.

Dick and Jane

P.S.: Your website's "Of Mice & Men" entry and video-link gave us a chuckle, but also made us think.


  1. Although I'm not a resident of West-Virginia and cannot vote for Larry, I would highly recommend him as a representative for the people of West Virginia. He is honorable and truthful in his dealings with people as well as in his business. He is respected and honored by all who know him. Gwen Clarke (Mississippi)

  2. I tend to often be on my own when it comes to my political views. I am prone to common sense and opposed to polarized positions. As a result, I have found I often agree with Larry's matter of fact observations and positions which are more concerned with problem resolution and getting things done than partisanship. Larry would be a great voice for the silent majority of Americans and West Virginians who just want things to get done efficiently, handled fairly and resolved quickly. The people of West Virginia are lucky he was finally compelled to run for office, which I have said he should do since I first met him about a decade ago. Anyone who wants a legislator intent on resolving in lieu of creating problems should definitely vote for Larry Kump :-)

  3. When it comes to politics, I often find myself agreeing with no-one. The problem is ... I am pragmatic. I am not a politician so I am, like most people, more concerned with problem resolution than partisan power grabs. So is Larry Kump. He would be a great legislator for the people of West Virginia. His objective is not to have a lifetime career in politics, not to become President and not to gain power. Instead, Larry is running for office out of a sense of duty and service, something all too rare among most candidates for public office. I remember telling him nearly a decade ago, when we first met, that he should run for office. He laughed it off but here he is ... finally compelled to put himself out there in an effort to resolve some of government and society's many and growing problems. The people of West Virginia will be well served by his representation. Now if we could just clone him to run for about a dozen uncontested positions in Maryland! :-)

  4. Dick & Jane:

    I have a hunch that when Larry gets elected, you'll be nodding your head in agreement for the rest of his term as well. You won't have to "guess" where he stands on the issues, and I suspect it won't be long before the entire State knows who Larry Kump is.

  5. I agree! Mr. Kump will be a major asset to the West Virginia legislature. He values the constitution and understands that it is the sworn duty of a legislator to represent the "people". I am confident that he will serve his constituents with common sense and frugality and will not be beholden to any special interests.

  6. I now live in Knoxville, TN and regretfully cannot vote for him but have emphatically & enthusiastically endorsed Larry to my brother who lives in West Virginia. I also encourage voters in his district to support his candidacy based on his commitment to conservative government, his integrity, moral turpetude, honesty and deep sense of his Godly purpose in life.

  7. Larry, you have always been a very candid, truthful and faith-centered person. I am certain that if you are elected, West Virginia will definitely be a better place to live.

    You are persistent and do not rationalize - you call it what it is! Good for you and for everyone around you! God bless!

  8. It's about time that we've got someone running for office that stands for something. I've known Mr Larry Kump for more than 15+ years. He's a man of character, morals and wisdom not seen in most politicians. If you live in his voting district and don't vote for Larry, you crazy.A common-sense approach is what is needed today. Not everybody voting for their stinking wallet. Larry would tell you if you asked, he's not running for self pride, a fat wallet. Only just to make a difference. Sick and tired of the squirrels running the government, do something about it, VOTE FOR LARRY KUMP!
    Greg Dash

  9. I have known Larry for many years and know that, if elected, he will be an honest voice for the people he represents in West Virginia. One thing is for certain...he will always be truthful and will not paint a rosey picture unless it is an honest one. If he was running for office in Maryland I would most certainly vote for him.


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