This website is devoutly dedicated to all of Larry's friends and associates, both early and late, who have influenced and mentored him. However, it also should be noted that, being who they are, a majority of them have been late most of the time.

Monday, October 22, 2018

A Personal Note from Cheryl

Dear Fellow Mountaineer Friend and Neighbor,

 My name is Cheryl, and I’m writing you today, because my husband, Larry D. Kump, is running for the West Virginia House of Delegates, right here in District #59 (Berkeley-Morgan counties).

 I know, making a decision about who to vote for in any election really can be tough. It can be hard to get to the real truth about the candidates.

 So I’m writing to introduce my husband, Larry D. Kump, to you, on a much more personal level. 

 From our first conversation, prior to our marriage, I immediately knew that Larry was my soul-mate. He's God’s answer to my prayers. His entire life has been dedicated to public service, including his previous service as a West Virginia citizen legislator in the West Virginia House of Delegates (2010-2014).

  Larry is a gentle leader who works to influence rather than demand.  He treats me with tremendous respect, and his sense of humor never fails to crack me up.

  Despite all the demands on his time, Larry always makes sure that I am his top priority.

 Even so, Larry works hard to fight for his core principles, and you always can count on him to keep his word. His personal ethics of integrity, transparency, and accountability are a true reflection of his heart and soul.

   There truly is not a more beautiful place on earth to live than West Virginia, and Larry and I are both dedicated to making it better.  But the fact is, many are still facing hard times, and that impacts every single one of us.

 With more and more big-government tax-and-spend policies and intrusions into the lives of us and our families, too many of us still are struggling to make ends meet and keep our independence.

 That’s why Larry is pushing so hard to grow jobs, fight excessive government control over our lives, bring us tax relief, protect our 2nd Amendment and other Constitutional rights, and bring us all into better tomorrow.

 Larry wants our next generation of West Virginians to inherit a vibrant and strong economy – so that none of us (and especially our children) have to leave to find work in another state.

  I know my husband Larry's heart. He stands up and speaks out on his convictions.  Larry will be a staunch defender of both life and family. That’s the kind of commitment I know I can count on from Larry, and that’s the kind of commitment that you also can expect from him. 

 So, please join me in supporting my husband Larry D. Kump in the upcoming November 6th election.


Cheryl L. Kump

P. S.: Remember and please vote for Larry D. Kump on Tuesday, November 6th (or use the “early voting” option at the county election office, which  begins on Wednesday, October 24th).
 And, as Larry always says, “May God bless you all real good!”.

Footnote: For more about my husband Larry D. Kump and the issues, visit and

Please share this note with others, and ask them to go and do likewise!

Friday, October 19, 2018

Kump again returns to public service!

Falling Waters, West Virginia – Former two term West Virginia Delegate Larry D. Kump (2010-2014, Berkeley-Morgan Counties) announced, “After a strong and steady stream of personal pleadings urged me to return to public office, and prolonged pondering and personal prayer, I have decided to yet again come out of retirement and answer this call to return to duty. And so, I now am a Republican candidate for election to the West Virginia House of Delegates in 2018 (District #59)."

"For me, this decision was and is not about any other candidate or that candidate's record or position on the issues. Instead, 'Protanto quid retribuamus?' (What shall we give in return for so much?) is the reason for my answer to the call to return to duty."

“When previously elected in 2010, it was my sincere promise and firm conviction to always stand up and speak out on behalf of more taxpayer friendly and less intrusive government. That has not changed, nor will it ever!"

"During my last tour of duty, Seventy-five (75) different Republican and Democrat legislators, in the one hundred (100) member West Virginia House of Delegates, cosponsored legislation with me. Even so, I never have been and never will be someone who goes along, just to get along. Simply doing what’s right is the best of all rewards.

“While continuing to carefully listen to the whole gamut of citizen concerns, my grass-roots championing has been and always will be in compliance with our divinely inspired Constitution, the well-spring of our American Excellence."

"To that end, I also denounce and decry all derisive and destructive 'Identity Politics'. Instead, I earnestly seek after and support the shared culture and values of our Constitutional Republic, including a diverse citizenry, but united in support of the principles of liberty and equal justice."

"Accordingly, I will continue to strive to pursue and protect our individual liberty, personal accountability, and personal empowerment. It is the pursuit of these principles of good governance that will give us meaningful tax reform, protect retired senior citizens and working Mountaineers, defend our personal right to bear arms, provide for the local accountability of our schools, better treatment of our school teachers and state employees, and to safeguard our personal property rights and pro-life family values."

"Additionally, more needs to be done about the drug and alcohol abuse that rages throughout West Virginia. And so, our West Virginia legislators, in addition to enacting other prudent measures, should lead by personal example. That's why I'm proposing mandatory drug abuse testing for all West Virginia legislators."

"Also, the destructive and discouraging aftermath of drug and alcohol abuse could and should be reduced by further reforming our sometimes ill advised laws, which still make it too difficult for the repentant and redeemed to re-enter the workplace, thereby becoming self-sufficient and tax-paying members of our communities."

"Meanwhile, West Virginia still faces challenges. Times still are too hard for far too many Mountaineers. That's why we need tax reform, but not more tax burdens.

"A better way is to restructure our already ample state budget, by reforming our tax system and state government programs. Among other things, this could and should lead to improved highways, reduced (not increased) gasoline prices at the pump, better broadband and cell phone access, and the elimination of state taxes on our social security benefits and all pensions.

"Finally, the persistent problem of West Virginia's aging and declining population adversely affects all of us, even including our representation in the United States Congress. In reviewing our state government policies and tax structure, a serious study of how to reverse this decline also should be undertaken, and I have been working on some ideas to turn around this problem."

"Of course, much more government transparency and accountability also are essential for all of this to happen."

"And so, I pledge to continue my own personal and public practice of integrity, accountability, and transparency."

"As always in elected office and in every other aspect of our lives, character counts!

Mr. Kump has over forty (40) years of extensive experience and skills in public policy and administration. He also is a kinsman of founding father Patrick Henry, Town of Hedgesville founder Josiah Hedges, and former West Virginia Governor Herman Guy Kump.

Further, for over the past twenty-five (25) years, former Delegate Kump has lived at the same location and within the current West Virginia House of Delegates District #59. West Virginia House of Delegates District #59 includes the northwestern area of Berkeley County and the eastern area of Morgan County.

Please join the Mountaineer League of Extraordinary Citizens!, and make a difference!

"Send your personal contribution ($100 to $250 is suggested, but whatever you can afford, whether modest or magnanimous, will be appreciated and helpful) to:

“Friends of Larry D. Kump”
P.O. Box 1131
Falling Waters, West Virginia 25419-1131.

For further information about Larry: Read the "Kump Biography" and more at this website, as well as the posts @

Contact Larry in person at (304) 274-3104 or email him at


Cash contributions will not be accepted. Also, West Virginia law does not allow the solicitation of campaign contributions from West Virginia public employees, and it is not intention of this campaign to do so. Any known contribution received from a West Virginia public employee will be returned. All contributions over $250 must include your home and mailing address, occupation, and the name of your employer. No Primary election contributions over $1,000 per person are allowed.

Please share this news with others, and also ask them to go and do likewise!

Authorized by "Friends of Larry D. Kump"

Kump Biography

Larry D. Kump came out of retirement and was first elected to the West Virginia House of Delegates in 2010, serving two terms in office(until the end of 2014).

He also has over forty years of prior legislative and public administration skills and experience.

These skills and experience includes management expertise in managing large budgets and meeting payrolls. This expertise is on both the management and employees' side of the table in multiple jurisdictions throughout our nation. He also has drafted and gotten legislation passed into law, often against formidable opposition.

Larry is no stranger to hard work. He began work at age twelve (managing two newspaper routes at the same time), worked at a local shoe store at age 16 (every day after school and on Saturdays), and then continued working at a number of full and part-time jobs to pay for his college tuition. He even found time to be a local radio personality.

This proud father of David & Sarah graduated from Frostburg State University with a Political Science Major and a Minor in Economics.  Other areas of concentration included Social Science, Business Administration, Economics, Philosophy, and Geography. He later returned to Hagerstown Community College to receive an Associate's degree, which included a concentration  in Criminal Justice.

He worked in bank management, trained as a CPA, was the Legislative Aide for the Pennsylvania Senate Republican Leader, and even was accepted as a candidate for MENSA membership.

This grass roots leader and Constitutional scholar then went on to be a Labor Relations Specialist for the Maryland Classified Employees Association (MCEA), an independent public employee advocate organization.

After working for MCEA, Larry accepted the position as the Executive Director of the Indiana State Employees Association (ISEA), another independent public employee advocate group. He reorganized ISEA's structure and budget, frequently lecturing at Indiana University and Purdue University post graduate classes on public administration practices and principles.

This kinsman to founding father Patrick Henry and former West Virginia Governor Herman Guy Kump (1932 term) also is related to Town of Hedgesville founder Josiah Hedges.

He also previously served as Regional President of the Assembly of Governmental Employees (AGE), overseeing public policy advocacy issues from Illinois to West Virginia.

His other activities included serving as a leader of the Foundation for Advancement for Industrial research (FAIR), the American Society for Public Administration (ASPA), and many other public service organizations.

Moving to West Virginia in 1989, he graduated at the top of his class from the Maryland Correctional Professional Staff Academy as a Maryland Prison Case Manager and also then served as a court expert witness, employee training coordinator, cognitive development trainer, employee critical incident stress counselor, and certified mediator.

He also worked part-time during the evenings as a sex offender group therapy facilitator.

Serving in numerous MCEA elected offices, Larry drafted legislative proposals for the Maryland Legislature and testified before various Legislative Committees.

In 1991, he also successfully organized a coalition of Berkeley County neighbors to block plans for sewage effluent discharge across their privately owned properties by an out-of-state developer.

After witnessing the overwhelmed facilities and woefully inadequate parking at the local Falling Waters Post Office, he contacted and persuaded the national postal authorities to build a new Post Office in 1993.

Larry has been an Arbitrator for the American Arbitration Association and the Better Business Bureau.

A cancer survivor, this independent thinker and advocate of citizen empowerment also is an ordained minister within the Hedgesville Ward (congregation) of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church).

Larry is a strong believer in rock solid fiscal discipline, enhancing family values, and strengthening individual liberty and personal responsibilities.

Gravely concerned about those who are elected to represent us, Larry continues reminds friends and associates that our government belongs solely to the citizens, and that too many forget that one of the major sources of our nation's greatness simply is its citizens.

Meanwhile, former Delegate Kump has answered the call to return to duty, and now again is a candidate for election to the West Virginia House of Delegates District #59 (Berkeley-Morgan Counties).

Please support his candidacy and contribute to his election @

Friends of Larry D. Kump
P.O. Box 1131
Falling Waters, West Virginia 25419-1131

Also, please share this post with friends and family, asking them to go and do likewise.

Please visit the other posts on this website and also for more about his views on the issues.

And may God bless you all real good!

Thursday, October 18, 2018

What about Automated Camera Traffic Fines?

  Recently, some elected and wanna-be elected local and county officials have proposed that West Virginia rescind our law prohibiting automatic speed camera traffic ticket fines.

  However, as I have repeatedly and persistently proclaimed, "Orwellian" mass surveillance is not an effective or prudent remedy for traffic problems. (George Orwell is the author of the grim "1984" novel about intrusive and abusive government). 
 Other state and local jurisdictions also have been running away from the terrible practice of automated traffic camera fines.
 Nevertheless, some of our neighboring local governments in the State of Maryland continues and even is expanding this practice, causing a few folks hereabouts to want to go and do likewise.
  Fortunately, there is little or no interest by the West Virginia State Legislature, to repeal our Mountaineer prohibition of automated traffic camera fines.
 While the United States Supreme Court has yet to make a definitive ruling about the Constitutionality of automated traffic camera fines), many jurisdictions  throughout the nation are abandoning this horrific government motorist harassment and money grab.
 (You can check out the latest information and research about automated traffic camera fines via "Google".)
 Meanwhile, let's lay this awful idea to rest, and avoid the spectacle of automated traffic camera fines being our "Welcome to West Virginia" message and greeting.


 I'm just grateful that  our West Virginia lawmakers have much more sense than some officials in Maryland,

and have wisely prohibited the use of speed cameras in the Mountaineer State, at least for now.

Please share this message with others, also asking them to visit and for more about good governance issues,
And may God bless you all real good!

Former Hedgesville Town Clerk stands up & speaks out!

"As a Berkeley County resident and former municipal administrator for eleven years, I am casting my vote for Mr. Larry Kump for the West Virginia House of Delegates, District 59.

Having worked with Mr. Kump for many years I can attest to Mr. Kump's dedication to public service and love for his community.

His experience has been well-documented over the past several years, having served two terms as Delegate for District 52 and District 59.
His tireless efforts are greatly appreciated, as are the goals he has articulated with his campaign.
Mr. Kump has been endorsed by the NRA and the WV Coal Association.
His dedication to being a positive voice for District 59 won my support.
I wish him the very best on November 6.
Amy H. Corvin"
Visit and for more about the man and the issues. 🤔
Please share this message with others, and may God bless you all real good! 😍

Monday, October 15, 2018

This Jones boy likes Larry!

"My vote will be for Larry Kump.
Larry is a long-time resident of Berkeley county with past experience in the State Legislature.
Though some might think new blood is good, good experience is also good! Larry is financially and politically conservative, but understands the value of being Independent.
His hands are not tied by party planks, nor is he beholden to strict party donors.
He is willing to, and in the past, was recognized for his innovative policies and for reaching across party lines to actually get work done!
And anyone that thinks more hard liners are what we need, all you have to do is look at the wonderful lovefest of DC to know just how productive things are there.
During last year’s Hedgesville Heritage festival, Hedgesville’s own residents asked him to run again!
Please join me in voting for Larry Kump!
-Greg Jones "

Betty boosts Larry!

"Larry D, Kump served in West Virginia as Delegate from 2010 through 2014, and has great knowledge in serving our state.

Larry is a true conservative and deserves to be our delegate in the 2018 Election.

Larry believes in God, family, and holds conservative values close to his heart. 

He believes in keeping taxes low, in religious liberty, in the value of life, and the right to bear arms. 

He is endorsed by many conservative groups. 

Let’s keep West Virginia conservative and vote for the right person – Larry D. Kump!

- Bettv DeHaven"

Visit and for more about Larry D. Kump and the issues.

Please share this message with others and may God bless you all real good!

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Coal confirms Kump!

October 9, 2018

Dear Larry Kump,

We are pleased to inform you that the West Virginia Coal Association’s political action committee, West Virginians for Coal, has unanimously endorsed your candidacy for the West Virginia House of Delegates, District 59.  

The coal industry is grateful for your vocal support and for observing the importance of mining to the great state of West Virginia. 

We look forward to working with you on various programs designed to move our state forward and to keep our miners working. Good luck on November 6!

Best wishes,

Chris Hamilton

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Health Freedom endorses Kump!

"Mr. Kump distinguished himself in past legislative sessions by supporting the rights of West Virginians to make health care decisions for themselves...Mr. Kump supports patient rights to self-determination..."
- Dr. Holly Garrison, Health Freedom PAC of West Virginia
Visit Larry D. Kump's Facebook posts ( and also for his views on numerous other good governance issues..

Bankers back Kump!

The political action committee of the West Virginia Bankers Association endorses and supports Larry D. Kump's election to the West Virginia House of Delegates District #59 (Berkeley-Morgan counties).

The :West Virginia Bankers Association supports and endorses Larry D. Kump;s "desire to develop and implement sound public policy aimed at strengthening the financial services marketplace, preserving important protections for consumers and growing our economy." 
For more about Larry D. Kump's views on the issues, visit his  Facebook page posts @, as well as @🤔
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May God bless you all real good!

Thursday, September 27, 2018

And now, the Voice of Reason:

There has been some confusion and misrepresentation of the facts, which continues today, especially in some partisan quarters.
And now, the voice of reason:
The year was 2011.
The Republicans were a minority in both the West Virginia House of Delegates and the West Virginia State Senate. The Governor was a Democrat.
West Virginia was at the bottom ranking of economic prosperity in the nation, and, even worse, the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia was being short-changed and neglected by the Governor and the Legislature.
Freshman Republican Delegate Larry D. Kump saw all of this, and he decided to draw attention to this disdain toward the Eastern Panhandle.
That's why he introduced HB 2698, which was done at little or no expense to taxpayers.
If enacted into law (it wasn't), HB 2698 would have drawn further attention to the plight of West Virginia's Eastern Panhandle, by providing for an advisory referendum at the next regularly scheduled election for voters in the Eastern Panhandle (Berkeley, Morgan, & Jefferson counties).
If enacted into law, this advisory referendum would allow Eastern Panhandle voters to express their opinion to the Legislature on whether or not to remain in West Virginia or to ask the Legislature to allow them to become part of Virginia.
Although this proposal was not enacted into law, nor did it get a committee hearing, it did get the immediate attention of the media. Much discussion thereafter ensued about the ongoing circumstances of the Eastern Panhandle, albeit also with notable confusion about the actual provisions and intent of HB 2698.
Since then, the Eastern Panhandle has continued to grow. The Republican Party has increased its representation in the Eastern Panhandle, and the Republican Party now is the majority party in both the West Virginia House of Delegates and the West Virginia State Senate. The Governor also now is a Republican.
Further, Republicans from the Eastern Panhandle now are strongly represented among West Virginia's elected officials.
West Virginia still has many challenges, but we now are moving forward and getting better, with the Eastern Panhandle providing a great degree of this leadership.
Larry D. Kump's concern about the well-being of the Eastern Panhandle has been vindicated, and he now is moving forward to do more on behalf of the Eastern Panhandle and all Mountaineers.
Support and vote for Larry D. Kump for the West Virginia House of Delegates District #59 (Berkeley-Morgan counties).

Send your election campaign contributions to
Friends of Larry D. Kump
P. O. Box 1131
Falling Waters, West Virginia 25419-1131
Please share this message with others, and may God bless you all real good!

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Character & Performance Count!

As published in "The Journal" daily newspaper, by Ed Singhas:

Some of the social changes we’ve had to endure over the last couple of decades have made life increasingly frustrating, but we can turn things around if we want to.
We do this by looking past the political rhetoric, and focus on real American values, as opposed to perverted values being sold to us by politicians vying for the vote of each well defined group they themselves created.
We can restore America if we vote for the right people. People who hold to values that made this a great Country to live in.
Those we send to represent us must have impeccable character and integrity as testified by people who know them best, people with know-how, and a proven record of success.
Larry Kump, candidate for the West Virginia House of Delegates, Dist. 59, has demonstrated that he is sensitive to injustices, and has taken them on at every turn, but never has he used them to incite unrest for political gain.
Larry is a commonsense, Christian man who will keep our individual rights front and center. A man of principle and high moral values, dedicated to doing what’s right for West Virginians. A Constitutional Conservative, with a proven record of accomplishment in the WV House, but more importantly, a man we can trust.
As a long time friend of Larry’s I can tell you , he didn’t just start caring when he entered politics. His entering politics was a result of his genuine concern, and confidence in his ability to get things done.
After a brief time away, his desire to reenter public service comes at the urging of those who know him best, and are confident there’s no one better for the job.
I urge the people of the 59th District to support Larry Kump in the upcoming West Virginia election. You’ve never had anyone fight harder for you, and as someone who lives outside of your district, I know our State can only benefit from his strong presence in Charleston.
I know I share this confidence with many people across our State, putting Larry Kump back in the House of Delegates is a big step in the right direction for West Virginians.

Footnote: If you also believe that character and performance count, then vote for and send your campaign contribution, whether modest or magnanimous, to

Friends of Larry D. Kump
P. O. Box 1131
Falling Waters, West Virginia 25419-1131

Postscript: Visit and for more about the issues, and please share this message with others, asking them to go and do likewise. Finally, and may God bless you all real good!

Saturday, September 22, 2018

NRA endorses Kump!

The National Rifle Association (NRA) has endorsed the election of Larry D. Kump to the West Virginia House of Delegates District #59 (Morgan-Berkeley counties).
This NRA election endorsement was based on Larry's previous citizen legislator voting record in the West Virginia House of Delegates (2010-2014) and his ongoing support of our 2nd Amendment rights, as outlined in our United States and West Virginia constitutions.

Send your campaign contributions on behalf of Larry D. Kump to:
Friends of Larry D. Kump
P. O. Box 1131
Falling Waters, West Virginia 25419-1131
May God bless you all real good!

Pro- Life groups endorse Kump

I am honored to have the endorsement of the West Virginia Christian Conservatives.
Here is their endorsement:
"As the Election nears, we will noting which candidates for State Office support Life at Conception.
Larry D. Kump (R-59) is running for the House of Delegates in the Berkeley - Morgan County area and has long been a supporter of Pro-Life legislation.
If you support the Right to Life, please support Larry D.Kump."

West Virginians for Life  also have endorsed the election of Larry D. Kump.
May God bless you all real good!