This website is devoutly dedicated to all of Larry's friends and associates, both early and late, who have influenced and mentored him. However, it also should be noted that, being who they are, most of them have been late most of the time.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Kump seeks Senate

Falling Waters, West Virginia – Former West Virginia Delegate Larry D. Kump (2011-2014, Berkeley-Morgan Counties) announced, "After a strong and steady stream of personal pleadings urged me to return to public office in 2016, and after prolonged pondering and personal prayer, I have made a decision to answer these calls to return to duty. And so, I have agreed to be a candidate for election to the West Virginia State Senate. I also am a candidate for election as a West Virginia delegate to the 2016 Republican national convention."
 "When I first was a candidate for election to the West Virginia House of Delegates in 2010, it was my promise and firm conviction to always stand up and speak out on behalf of taxpayer friendly and less intrusive government. That has not changed, nor will it."
"Seventy-five (75) different Republican and Democrat legislators, in the one hundred (100) member West Virginia House of Delegates, previously cosponsored legislation with me. Even so, I never have been and never will be someone who goes along, just to get along. Simply doing what's right is the best of all rewards."
"While continuing to carefully listen to the whole gamut of citizen concerns, my grass-roots championing has been and always will be in compliance with our divinely inspired Constitution, the well-spring of our American Excellence."
"Accordingly, I will continue to strive to protect our individual liberty, personal accountability, and personal empowerment."
"The pursuit of these principles of good governance will give us meaningful tax reform, protect retired senior citizens and working Mountaineers, defend our personal right to bear arms, and safeguard our personal property rights and family values."
"Of course, government transparency and accountability also are essential for this to happen."
"Meanwhile, I pledge to continue my own personal and public practice of integrity, accountability, and transparency. As always in elected office and in every other aspect of our lives, character counts."
Mr. Kump has over forty (40) years of extensive experience and skills in public policy and administration. He also is a kinsman of founding father Patrick Henry and former West Virginia Governor Herman Guy Kump.
West Virginia State Senate District #15 includes all of Hampshire and Morgan counties, most of Mineral county, and most of Berkeley County (excluding the City of Martinsburg and numerous precincts that mostly are east of the city).
Those who wish to encourage and endorse his candidacy should send their contributions, whether modest or magnanimous, to:
"Friends of Larry D. Kump"
P.O. Box 1131
Falling Waters, West Virginia 25419-1131.
For further information:

Read "Larry's Bio", by clicking on the icon at the top of You also will find additional information about his positions on political principles and issues at that website.


Visit Facebook page (

Contact Larry at (304) 274-3104.

Footnote: Cash contributions will not be accepted. West Virginia law does not allow campaign contributions from West Virginia public employees (This does not include employee family members). All contributions over $250 must include your home and mailing address, occupation, and the name of your employer. No Primary election contributions over $1,000 per person are allowed.

Please share this message with others, and ask them to go and do likewise!

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Kump vies for Senate!

Excerpted from a news story in the Friday, April 15th, 2016 edition of the "Herald Mail" daily newspaper:

Larry Kump

Larry D. Kump


Name: Larry D. Kump

MARTINSBURG, W.Va. — Former West Virginia Del. Larry D. Kump said he is running … in the Republican primary for the state's 15th District Senate seat to give voters "a choice, not an echo."

The 15th District includes half of Berkeley County's 66 precincts, including areas south and west of Martinsburg. The district also encompasses all of Morgan and Hampshire counties and most of Mineral County.

The winner of the May 10 GOP primary will face Brad Noll of Hedgesville, W.Va., in the Nov. 8 general election…

Kump … said voters are looking for more integrity, transparency and accountability in their elected representatives.

"And I am all of those and more as far as my personal and political behavior," he said. "The West Virginia State Senate has made much progress and passed some good legislation, but it is still a behind-the-(closed)-door, good-old-boy system that needs to be loosened up quite a bit more."…

Kump said his top priority would be to restructure the state budget and change residents' tax burden to make West Virginia more friendly to the average person and to bring in more jobs…

He also said across the board changes must be made to improve the state's business climate for all companies, not just those with large payrolls, because most firms in West Virginia are small businesses.



Visit and also

Please share this information with others, and ask them to go and do likewise!


Postscript: Contributions, whether modest or magnanimous, should be mailed to:


Friends of Larry D. Kump

P. O. Box 1131

Falling Waters, West Virginia 25419-1131 

(Contributions from West Virginia public employees are prohibited by law)

Friday, April 1, 2016

A Cool Cat & Kump!

Capture kUMP
Thumbs up for Larry D. Kump!
 After a bracing breakfast of green eggs and ham, this cool cat and Larry D. Kump discussed the need for more integrity, transparency, and accountability in our elected officials.

How about you?

Do you want more integrity, transparency, and accountability in our elected officials?

If so, then support the election of Larry D. Kump to the West Virginia State Senate, and also to represent West Virginia at the 2016 Republican National Convention.

Better yet, send your contributions, whether modest or magnanimous, to:

Friends of Larry D. Kump
P. O. Box 1131
Falling Waters, West Virginia 25419-1131
(Contributions from West Virginia public employees are prohibited by law)

Visit and

Finally, please share this message with others, and ask them to go and do likewise!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Voting for Squirrels is Nuts!

It pleases me that we've got someone running for election who stands for something.

I've known Mr. Larry D. Kump for more than 20 years or so.  

He's a man of character, morals, and wisdom not seen in most politicians.

 If you live in his voting district and don't vote for Larry, you're nuts! 

 A common-sense approach is what is needed today - Not everybody voting for their stinking wallet or a personal agenda. 

 Larry would tell you, if you asked, that he isn't about self pride or a fat wallet - only just to make a difference.

 If you are sick and tired of squirrels running the government, then help Larry do something about it!  


Greg Dash,
Larry's friend and neighbor.

  Footnote: Campaign contributions will be put to prudent use on behalf of good governance. Send them to "Friends of Larry D. Kump",  P.O. Box 1131, Falling Waters, WV 25419.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

News from Pumphandle, West Virginia

 It's a slow day in the small village of Pumphandle, West Virginia.

 Times are tough.

 The streets are deserted.

 Everyone is in debt, and most of the local folks are living on credit.

 A tourist visiting the area drives through town, stops at the motel, and lays a $100 bill on the desk.

 He tells the motel owner that he wants to inspect the rooms upstairs, and perhaps will pick one for the night.
 As soon as he walks upstairs, the motel owner grabs the money and runs next door to pay his debt to the butcher.
 The butcher hurries down the street to pay what he owes to the pig farmer.
 The pig farmer takes the money and pays his bill to the Co-op.

 The guy from the Co-op goes to the motel, and pays for the previous lodging for him and his wife from their wedding anniversary celebration
 The hotel owner then puts the $100 back on the counter, and waits for the tourist to come back downstairs.

 The tourist comes back downstairs, complains that the rooms are not satisfactory, picks up his moneyl, and goes on his way.

 No one produced anything.

 No one earned anything.

 Just the same, folks in the town now think they are out of debt ,and there now is an atmosphere of hope for better days.

 And that, my friends, is how "Stimulus" works

Friday, April 17, 2015


An open letter to Lala Mooney, mother of West Virginia Congressman Alex Mooney:
 It previously was my sincere belief that I had a reasonable conception of the ongoing and draconian conditions
          of privation and misery that are being endured by the people
          of Cuba, under the Castro regime.
 However, your recent remarks at the Putnam County
          Republican Lincoln Day Dinner taught me and others the error
          of our understandings.
 Frankly, your personal history in Cuba and insights were
          both revelatory and jaw-dropping, not just to me, but to all
          of us at that dinner.
 The silent suffering of the Cuban people is so much more
          than what most of us previously ever had imagined. It is both
          Orwellian as well as heart-rending.
 Thank you ever so much for enlightening us, but thank you
          especially for who you are, a lady of most infinite worth.
Your friend,

Monday, February 9, 2015

Jordan Page & More

A letter recently sent by me to the Anders family:
 Chris & Gina,
 Thank you ever so much!
 It has been my desire for a long time to meet
 Jordan Page, and especially to hear him in a live
 performance of his song of "Liberty".
 Last Saturday night, you fulfilled my dream and
 Jordan's new song "Modus Operandi" and his other
 new song about Abraham resonated deeply within the
 chambers of my heart, but also profoundly touched
 the well springs of my personal faith.
 "Modus Operandi" in many ways reminds me of the
 cry for individual liberty and personal
 accountability and empowerment,
 made so many years ago by Bobby Darin, in his
 "Simple Song of Freedom".
 Even so, it was Jordan's poignant song about the
 heartbreaking choices made by the Old Testament
 Patriarch Abraham, and the ever enduring strife
 since then between the descendants of his sons 
 Ishmael and Isaac, that reached even
 more deeply into my heart and soul.
 God's command for Abraham to ever so reluctantly
 banish his firstborn son Ishmael and later to
 willingly sacrifice his sole remaining heir Isaac
 is a profound part of the pathos that is woven
 deeply within the fabric of my faith and deepens
 my understanding of Christ's Atonement on behalf
 of all of the children of our Father in Heaven.
 In addition to all of that, your hospitality in
 providing your home to a select few of us for 
 that intimate venue, even though both of you 
 were suddenly and unexpectedly called away by an
 employment mandate, was a wondrous gift.
 It also truly was a privilege to bask in the
 glow of that night's fellowship and friendship.
 In particular, Elliott & Isabelle,
 Jessie & Jerry, and Laura stand out
 to me as especially choice friends and colleagues.
 Laura, choking up when she spoke to me of
 how much she loves her Dad, only is one example
 of the gentle and good hearts within that choice
 Since my personal circumstances required an 
"Irish Exit" by me that night, thereby forfeiting
 a possible opportunity to more properly thank
 Jordan, please do me the personal favor of
 forwarding this email and my gratitude to him. 
Your friend,
Postscriptum: By the way, it was not my idea
to hide all of the rolls of toilet paper in
your bathrooms prior to your return home. 
Just sayin'.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

At the Movies

My personal time and circumstances have not been such as for me to go very much to the movies during the past year or so.


 Even so and recently, there were two (count 'em) movies that I squeezed in on successive Saturday afternoons that were well worth the time and money.


 While I have been a science fiction and alternative history buff for longer than I care to admit, "Interstellar" was a delightfully engaging and intellectual surprise for me. It kept me enthralled until the very end of the movie, and included a surprise ending. Even better: there was no gratuitous violence, sex, or profanity.


 And so it was that I went again to the movies this weekend, to see "Big Hero Six", and found it the best movie that I've seen in years. It is engaging, funny, & family-friendly. It also had sort of a surprise ending.


But wait!


There's more!


 The introductory short subject and animated film shown with"Big Hero Six" is worth the price of admission, all by and in itself. I won't spoil it for you, but it's rendition of "puppy love" would melt a stone heart.


Just sayin'.




Saturday, November 15, 2014

Gunga Din

Received from David "Navy Dave" Woods :


In the various channels of life I've trodden, I guess the terns government, military,  academic, & civic cover my record in fewest words.

In the military in general and the navy in particular, we use the phrase "an officer and a gentleman"  to  apply to certain select members we choose to honor
for their role in life.

While I'm uncertain of the exact status of some of your prior work, so while "officer" may not apply specifically --  from the many other, & particularly  more recent aspects of your life, I can testify that "gentleman" clearly applies.  

In point of fact, I envy you the judgment, courtesy, tact, & knack of choosing the right expressions to discuss the latest incident in your latter-day (note: pun intended) political career.*

 It is a tribute to your strongly held principles that you have, are, & will act as you have always done since I met you...

... I cannot conceive of anyone I've ever known speaking as thoughtfully & apparently truthfully as you did in describing the results of the last primary & indeed the local election itself that followed.

 As Kipling's  old story goes: "You're a better man than I am, Gunga Din."

Navy Dave

See the previous entry at for the "National Review" magazine article ("Buying Green Bananas" entry)  and Delegate Kump's personal legislative news & views. 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Update on "Pet Police" Law

 Yesterday, I gave a copy of the already existing  150+ pages of federal regulations on pets as well  as the 2014 legislative roll calls on the votes that passed "pet police" legislation in West Virginia  to Delegate Kelli Sobonya (R-Cabell), who serves on the House of Delegates Rules Committee.
 Remember, the proposed pet rules by the West Virginia Department of Agriculture still must by approved by the West Virginia Legislature during the 2015 session.
 I continue to contend that the passage of and signing into law of HB 4393 ("Pet Police" Legislation) in 2014 was a mistake, and that this goofy "Bureaucrats Gone Wild" law should be repealed. 
 Visit ("Eight Important Votes", "Bureaucrats Gone Wild Law Challenged", "Does It Take a Village to Raise a Bunny Rabbit?", "Here Comes the Pet Police!" and "Here Comes the Pet Police Update" entries for more of this about that.
 Please share this message with others.
West Virginia Delegate Larry D. Kump

Monday, October 6, 2014

The Pursuit of Liberty & Alex Mooney

 Kearneysville, WV: Delegate Larry D. Kump delivered a $1000.00 contribution from the Republican Liberty Caucus (RLC) PAC to 2nd Congressional District Candidate Alex X. Mooney. The RLC officially endorsed Mooney in April.

"Having known Alex X. Mooney for many years, it was both a pleasure and a privilege when the West Virginia Republican Liberty Caucus asked me to present a campaign contribution to him," said Delegate Larry D. Kump.

"The West Virginia Republican Liberty Caucus enthusiastically endorses the election of Alex Mooney as West Virginia's next Congressman.

"We also endorse and applaud Alex's principled commitment to individual liberty, personal accountability, and personal empowerment for all Mountaineers," Kump stated.

The Republican Liberty Caucus is a 527 voluntary grassroots membership organization dedicated to working within the Republican Party to advance the principles of individual rights, limited government and free markets.

Founded in 1991, it is the oldest continuously-operating organization within the Liberty Republican movement. Further information and membership to the Caucus may be obtained by visiting .

Stephanie E. Butcher


Saturday, October 4, 2014


The recently received and following email message simply was too gratifying and uplifting to refrain from sharing, done with the permission of the author:

Delegate Kump,
I have looked forward to the information you put out to the people you represent.
I have looked forward to the correspondence, back and forth, with you.
I have come to know you on simple terms as down-to-earth, straight forward, and sincere towardsthe area and people you represent.
All of these are very rare qualities for someone in your position, by far.
In today's society, it is almost unheard of for anyone to care at all about much.
For one person to care so much, about so many, is more than commendable.
I only hope the residents for whom you worked so hard for are lucky enough to have another representative of your caliber.
You will be missed!!! Greatly!!!
Please don't quit writing.
The information you share with me and the friends I talk with are of great importance to all of us.
It would be a shame not to have your wisdom and experience anymore.
As retired law enforcement, we have had to deal with so much loss throughout our lives. Constants are few and far between.
Like the North star, you are a constant to me and the few friends still left around.
Always, always be safe in future journeys and please don't ever stop your communications.
Support and Prayers Always,
Tim Keller

Friday, October 3, 2014


Often, when elected and wanna-be elected officials advocate their position(s), they profess that they merely are responding to the voices of their constituents.
Which therein begs the question: Which constituent voices should matter the most?

My simple solution to this cipher is to carefully consider the merits and consequences of all constituent concerns, and then also be diligent to uphold the Oath of Office, sworn to by all elected officials. 

This Oath of Office is to understand, uphold, and defend the principles and provisions of our Constitution.

This sacred vow is made, not only to ourselves and our citizens, but also to God.

 Truly, doesn't our Constitution mandate that the first principles and practices of our government are the pursuit of individual liberty, personal accountability, and personal empowerment (i.e., the "Pursuit of Happiness")?

 After all, is it not us but our Constitution that is the well-spring of our unique American Excellence?
Just sayin'.

 Yours for better governance,  

West Virginia Delegate Larry D. Kump

Please share this message with others and visit for more legislative news and views. 


Monday, September 29, 2014

A Bad Idea?

  After the recent meeting of the Berkeley County Council with West Virginia state legislators from Berkeley County, wherein the Council proposed that legislation be enacted to allow automated speed cameras in West Virginia, the follow information was shared with me by a concerned citizen:


There are myriad problems with speed cameras and speed camera companies, which include...

• The right to face our accusers in court and cross examine witnesses is guaranteed by our Constitution's Bill of Rights. Speed cameras deny us this right because the accuser is a machine.


• Speed cameras are NOT operated by sworn police officers. Instead, this is outsourced to a private company. For example, under Montgomery County Maryland's camera program, their contractor receives a $16.25 per ticket commission from these cameras, despite the fact that this violates a provision of state law intended to forbid paying contractors based on the number of citations issued or paid. Essentially the contractor who generates the evidence used in court cases gets paid only if the defendant is found guilty, a clear conflict of interest.

• Speed cameras are a form of mass surveillance over ordinary drivers. The government is forbidden from engaging in sweeping surveillance systems without warrants to look for offenders of crimes. Only DRIVERS, rather than career criminals, would considered bad enough in this legislative proposal, to justify such a system. It is possible that the cameras, or the data they collect, could one day be used for purposes other than speed enforcement.

• The lack of human oversight means that no one person will be held accountable if there are widespread errors or misconduct by officials.


• These cameras are about REVENUE. Some local governments see them as a way to make big money off of passing motorists who do not know the camera locations the way local drivers do. Speed cameras are now a $77million industry in Maryland. Washington D.C.'s speed and red light camera systems have issued 2,952,333 tickets worth $224 million as of July 31 2007. Another prime example: the town of Forest Heights budgeted to bring in more gross revenue from speed camera tickets in FY2011 than the town's entire pre-speed camera budget in FY2010. At least one county executive openly admitted that the cameras are "a tax", and one Chevy Chase Village council member once referred to speed camera money as "the crack cocaine of local government" as the town was searching for creative bookkeeping techniques to circumvent restrictions on speed camera money.

• Tickets are issued to the owner of the vehicle, even if they are not the driver. Fully a third of speed camera tickets are going to people who did not in fact commit the offense, because someone else was driving at the time. This is of even more concern now that courts in neighboring Maryland have declared paying a citation to be an "admission of speeding".

•The safety benefits of automated traffic enforcement systems have been mixed. One study in the United Kingdom (UK) has shown that other forms of speed control, such as speed bumps and speed indicator signs, are much more effective at reducing accidents. Another UK study demonstrated that speed cameras did not reduce accident rates in highway work zones, concluding "No significant difference was observed in the PIA [Personal Injury Accident] rate for sites with and without cameras."

• Speed cameras do not remove the worst drivers from the roads the way a police officer can. Drunk drivers or a reckless criminal in a stolen vehicle, who might pose an immediate risk to pedestrians and other motorists, would ignore a speed camera.

• Speed cameras encourage erratic driving behavior. Drivers slow down as they approach the camera sites, then accelerate after they pass them. Cameras make some already safe drivers nervous. And, enforcement which is too strict could have unintended consequences such as causing drivers to spend too much time looking at their speedometers rather than at the road.

• The platitude that "if you don't speed you won't get a ticket" is UNTRUE because there have been many proven cases of speed cameras issuing tickets in error. Recent events in the city of Baltimore proving systematic errors by that city's cameras were only the latest, there have been many other instances of proven errors elsewhere in Maryland. Even if driver believes they are innocent, they need to spend days fighting one $40 ticket in court, and would probably not find it worthwhile to do so except as a matter of principle.

• Speed Cameras are magnets for political corruption. The desire for more public funds at any cost ignores the fact that using law enforcement for revenue generation is harmful to our justice system, creating a conflict of interest by the state against the accused. Future administrations may be encouraged to use overbearing tactics to increase revenues -- such as concealed cameras, deliberately lowering speed limits, deceptive or inadequate signs, or cameras placed immediately after the sign reducing the speed limit.

• Because of their revenue potential, speed cameras are used as a heavy handed substitute for sound engineering and construction approaches, which can be more effective than speed cameras at reducing driver's speeds. The safety problems with the recent construction on I-81 is a case in point.




• Speed Camera Companies who profit from cameras are continuously lobbying to raise fines, remove restrictions, and introduce new types cameras for common 'technical violations' which have little or nothing to do with safety.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Baked Corn

When Gina served that tasty corn dish, when I was at her family's home the last time, it reminded me of my Mom's baked corn dish.

This morning, I finally remembered to ask Mom for the recipe and here it is:


 Baked Corn Recipe


 two tablespoons butter (the real stuff)

 two tablespoons flour

 two tablespoons sugar

 two beaten eggs (or at least roughed up slightly, but not as bad as in the NFL)

 salt & pepper to taste

 Can of creamed corn

 Garnish with ground nutmeg and bake about one hour at 400 degrees F,  or until golden brown on top.

 It's ready when a knife comes out clean after insertion.


 Note: Mom usually doubles or triples the recipe.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

What do You think?

 West Virginia's Governor is proposing our next year's State Budget, and that proposal recommends siphoning off another $100 million from our "Rainy Day" fund, in order to deal with an ongoing budget shortfall.


 Meanwhile, some of West Virginia's Legislative Leadership also are proposing increases in our State taxes and fees.


 And, in regard to our  West Virginia State Legislature, did you know that, after each annual legislative session, the Legislature convenes at the State House, almost every month, for Interim Legislative Committee meetings?


 No legislation is enacted during these monthly meetings, but these committees do study recommendations on proposed future legislation and also review the results of the Joint Committee on Government & Finance's audits of various State agencies - to be sure, worthy tasks.


  Even so, many lawmakers have been pointing out that these interim committee meetings have become too much about authorizing extra salaries and per diem (daily) expense payments (travel, lodging, & meals) for legislators and not nearly enough about conducting the people's business.


 Also, an off-site monthly meeting of these committees traditionally is scheduled during one month each year.


 Heeding the cautions from other legislators, that these off-site meetings are more about foolishness than legislative substance, it has been my previous practice to forego participation in those off-site meetings. However, this year, I decided that I should go and see for myself.


The other legislators were right, and here's why:


 This year's off-site committee hearings were held during August and in Harrison County.


 While lawmakers still received their per diem expense payments for the Harrison County meetings, lavish breakfast and lunch buffets nevertheless also were provided every day, not only for legislators but also for a multitude of legislative employees.


 During the evenings, state agencies, such as West Virginia University and other legislative beneficiaries, were strongly encouraged to provide sumptuous receptions, meals, and other refreshments for lawmakers, wanna-be lawmakers, and others.


 And so they did.


 Moreover, a small fleet of buses was hired to chauffeur legislators on various tours.


 (Note: While I did not participate in any of the evening festivities or any of the tours, others told me that the tour of a local area winery was very popular.)


 Further and even though only a minimal legislative staff support was necessary, the number of legislative employees who participated in the Harrison County affair truly was mind boggling. Of course, these employees  were provided with taxpayer funded lodging, travel, and other expense payments.


 But, what about the actual committee meetings?


 Well, one committee meeting to which I was assigned lasted a scant fifteen minutes. Another committee meeting lasted longer, but was devoid of any substantive business.


 Finally and on a personal note,  I was awakened in the wee hours of one morning during this taxpayer funded extravaganza by a loud and boisterous (drunken?) individual in the hotel hallway, who was carousing with like minded companions.


 Now, the peaceful pursuit of any private person is nobody else's business, but what about the behavior of elected officials and their staff at taxpayer funded gatherings?


 Do Mountaineers deserve better?


 What do you think?


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Super Low Levy Vote Previously Predicted

The following message was shared this morning with "The Journal" newspaper in response to their Tuesday, August 26th news story about the abysmal voter participation in the Saturday, August 23rd special "Levy" (tax) election in Berkeley County:

While Manny Arvon continued and continues to speak about the problem of waiting to the November election for the initial Levy vote, my concern was and still is the question of why the vote wasn't previously scheduled during the previous Primary election in May.

That question never has been answered in any news forum anywhere, to the best of my knowledge.

Sadly, my previous prediction that the August Levy vote turnout would be less than percent, and possibly as low as six or seven percent, was overly optimistic, since turnout was about 5.8%.

This further reinforces the need to schedule Levy and other elections (including municipal elections) during Primary and General elections.

Otherwise, voters feel that special elections are a "slip and slide" attempt to pull a fast one on them, and this further increases voter distrust of our political system.

Friday, August 22, 2014

When the Lights go Out

An Open Letter to the Maryland and West Virginia Power Companies, as published by the Herald-Mail newspaper on Friday, August 22nd, 2004:

The previous return of electrical power to my home, after its unexpected failure for approximately 48 hours, as a result of such a sudden and violent storm, reminded me anew of how much I take for granted.

I also stand all amazed that you and your associates were able to restore so much and so quickly from such extensive damage.

Indeed, while fielding frustrated and angry complaints from my constituents, who couldn't understand why a service that they have always taken for granted was suddenly taken away from them, the following thoughts came into my mind:

* Our nation's electrical power grid and other infrastructure are both fragile and vulnerable. That poses an ever present danger to our economy, national security, and the well-being of all of us and our families.

* While more should be done to educate everyone about the need to strengthen and protect our infrastructure, citizens also should be taught to be more personally prepared and self-reliant in their own homes.

* Some families already have their own emergency power generators, but those (like me), who must also rely on electrical power to obtain their water from wells, should also consider installing manually operated water pumps as a back-up resource.

* From an even broader emergency communication perspective, voluntary programs to train HAM radio operators should be encouraged and expanded.

Yours for better governance,

West Virginia Delegate Larry D. Kump, District # 59
Berkeley-Morgan Counties

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Update on "Here Comes the Pet Police" Entry

Alert! The West Virginia Department of Agriculture's proposed new regulations now include a $10.00 initial registration fee as well as additional annual fees of up to $150.00 for each animal or pet covered. These regulations now go to the West Virginia Legislature for further review. Share this message with others, urging all of them to contact the Governor, as well as their State Delegates and Senators. Also visit ("Bureaucrats Gone Wild Law Challenged" entry) for more of this about that.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Here Comes the Pet Police!

Lawmakers monkey around with new "dangerous animal" list 
by Jazz Clark, Morgan Messenger Newspaper

A new bill passed by West Virginia Legislature could limit the kinds of animals individuals keep as pets, including giraffes and crocodiles. The law, HB 4393, passed on July 2, and includes a proposed list of all animals permissible to be kept by citizens.

Lawmakers are still drafting the list of animals that would be deemed "dangerous" and would be regulated under the new law.

While the public comment period for that list of regulated animals is over on August 1, the focus of the bill keeps changing and evolving as West Virginia government adapts the list to harsh public opinion.

The list outlines an exhaustive inventory of what animals people can legally own, and which ones are only legal with a permit from the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources.

The first draft of the list banned large swaths of animalkind from being kept as pets. Included are some fairly exotic animals, such as bats, manatees, platypuses and piranha. However, the list also included more common West Virginia pets like turtles, hedgehogs and sugar gliders.

The law requires a permit for anyone wanting to keep certain pets, and those permits cost $100 per animal, per year.

The Dangerous Wild Animal Board shall meet every year by June 1 to review the list, stated the draft of the animal list.


Delegate Larry D. Kump recently submitted a letter to officials in Charleston asking for revisitation and repeal of HB 4393, which created the animal list.

Kump said the law is referred to by some as "Bureaucrats gone wild," and introduces a new level of bureaucracy, which has sparked a firestorm of public outcry.

He writes that the Department of Agriculture has confessed to massive overindulgence in this regard. He feels that allowing this kind of rule-making to continue is not prudent public policy.

Kump said the Department of Agriculture has a poor track record in being involved with law-making, and should not have been in charge of developing a list of banned animals. He wants this issue discussed at an existing special session rather than waste taxpayer money on creating a separate session for the dangerous animals act.

West Virginia government was additionally lampooned for the absence of monkeys and gorillas on the same list which banned bunny rabbits, said Kump.


Delegate Daryl Cowles said the new policies are in reaction to a startling animal case in Ohio a few years ago which led to black bears, mountain lions and tigers being released on the public. A private zoo-owner set the dangerous animals free. State agencies were forced to hunt down and kill various exotic animals as a result.

A newer list of animals will be written based on the Ohio dangerous animal list, but adapted for West Virginia. Cowles said the new list will have to go through the entire legislation process again.

Cowles did not support the original bill due to vagueness in the list during the legislative process. He mentioned that turtles kept as pets for the yearly Apple Butter Festival turtle race wouldn't be allowed under the original list.

He also mentioned complaints from local teachers who use animals to teach children about science and nature.

"They were trying to put limits on animals like alligators, animal that posed a real public threat," said Cowles. "They never meant to talk about the fish swimming in your fish tank."

Cowles said that while the new list won't be nearly as comprehensive, many of the same animals will appear again.


The public can review the proposed list online at the West Virginia Department of Agriculture website.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Does It Take a Village to Raise a Bunny Rabbit?

From the Charleston, West Virginia "Daily Mail" newspaper, and for all of the "Elmer Fudds" out there:

Sunday, July 27, 2014 Delegate wants Legislature to reconsider animals bill By Whitney Burdette, Capitol reporter CHARLESTON, W.Va.
— Although the Dangerous Wild Animals Act hasn't completed the rule making process, one state delegate would like to see the Legislature repeal it and start from scratch.

 Delegate Larry D. Kump, R-Berkeley, wrote to Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin Thursday, asking him to place House Bill 4393 on any future special session calls.

 He made clear he's not asking the governor to call a special session for the controversial bill alone, saying it's not fair to taxpayers to spend money on extraordinary sessions "willy-nilly." "But if we are going to have a special session, let's fix this bill among other mistakes that have been made," he said.

House Bill 4393, known as the Dangerous Wild Animals Act, calls on representatives from the Department of Agriculture, Division of Natural Resources and Department of Health and Human Resources to form a Dangerous Wild Animals Board and compile a list of animals deemed dangerous and present that list to the Legislature, which will then either accept the list as-is or make changes lawmakers feel necessary.

 In the weeks since the board compiled the list, many members of the public have expressed their concern about some of the common household pets — such as rabbits and turtles — that may be banned.

 People who already own animals on the list can pay a yearly fee to register that animal, but Kump said he and others think that's an unnecessary tax on West Virginians and an overstep by the departments involved."Giving any kind of agency this kind of authority over the lives of citizens is just silly," Kump said. "We shouldn't be doing that."

The bill passed the House of Delegates on Feb. 24 by a 72-23 vote before going to the Senate, where it passed March 6 by a 22-11 vote. Two similar versions were introduced in the 2013 session, but both died before completing the legislative process. 

The bills were introduced in reaction to a 2011 incident in Ohio, where a man who owned several large cats, bears and monkeys set the animals loose before committing suicide. Law enforcement agents were forced to kill the animals in the interest of public safety.

 Exotic animals have gotten loose in West Virginia in the past, but Kump said individuals and organizations in West Virginia have not lobbied for legislation that would stop an incident like that from happening in the Mountain State.

"All this seems to be a knee-jerk reaction to something that happened in Ohio," he said. "I haven't seen a cry in West Virginia for these kinds of regulations. Regardless of what comes out of these rules when they're promulgated and this bill is not repealed, I don't see it making a difference in West Virginia and with West Virginians anyway. All we're going to do is have more regulation, more expense."

The rule is in the public comment period, which ends Aug. 2.

 According to a previous Daily Mail article, more than 200 people have submitted comments. After the public comment period ends, the rule will go back to the Legislature, a sort of check-and-balance system many other states don't have, and lawmakers will either codify the rule or make changes. 

Kump, who lost his primary bid and won't return to the Capitol in 2015, said he hopes lawmakers can come together and make changes during the next session."What concerns me, and this isn't a partisan issue because Democrats and Republicans alike voted for this, I don't understand legislators who just want to let agencies run amok like this," Kump said.

Butch Antolini, Department of Agriculture spokesman, said the department has no comment on Kump's call to revisit and repeal the bill.

 The Dangerous Wild Animals Board is scheduled to meet again July 30.

Contact writer Whitney Burdette at 304-348-7939 or Follow her at

Visit for other legislative news and please share this message with others.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

"Bureaucrats Gone Wild!" Law Challenged

This has been sent via certified mail to the West Virginia Governor:

Governor Earl Ray Tomblin
Building 1
1900 Kanawha Blvd., East
Charleston, West Virginia 25305

24 July 2014

Re: Special Legislative Session Request on HB 4393

Dear Governor Tomblin,

 Should you convene another special session of the Legislature in 2014, please give due diligence to the consideration of also including the revisitation and repeal of HB 4393, which authorizes the West Virginia Department of Agriculture to promulgate burdensome new regulations and hefty licensure fees regarding the private ownership of pets and animals.

 Otherwise known as the "Bureaucrats Gone Wild!" law, HB 4393 sets up a new level of bureaucracy and has produced a firestorm of public protest.

Although the Department of Agriculture already has confessed to massive over indulgence in this regard and is reviewing a step-back from their initial proposal, to allow the continuance of this kind of new rule making authority simply is not prudent public policy.

 Truly, it shouldn't take a village to raise a bunny rabbit.

 Looking forward to hearing from and working with you, I remain,


Yours for better governance,

Delegate Larry D. Kump


Addendum: With all of the personal and economic challenges facing Mountaineers, what a travesty it is that we now face further entanglement with more restrictive and costly regulations.



Tuesday, July 22, 2014


 It is possible that my recent radio interviews on Saturday morning at Shepherd College (Elliot Simon's "Common Sense" broadcast) and in Huntington on Monday morning ("The Tom Roten Show") have not been well received by some political party leaders and their ilk.
 During both programs and when I was asked if I intended to fade away from my independent and non-partisan advocacy on behalf of good governance, my  reply was that I will be undeterred.
 Then, shortly after my Monday radio interview, one prominent political mover & shaker in the State Capitol promptly asked me to remove him from my email updates.
 And so it goes.
Delegate Larry D. Kump

Monday, July 21, 2014

On the Way to "Betty's"

 Last Saturday at 9:00 AM, I was a guest on Elliot Simon's "Common Sense" radio broadcast from Shepherd University, and also had accepted his invitation to join him earlier that morning for breakfast at "Betty's" restaurant.


 And so it was that morning, while walking through the West Virginia village of Shepherdstown, that an elderly couple crossed my path.


 They were holding hands while they were taking their morning stroll, which prompted me to compliment them on their mutual affection.


With a twinkle in his eye, the old gentleman smiled, then gently pointed out to me that they held hands to keep each other from stumbling. 


 What a wondrous example they were and are, a life lesson for all of us to "Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel" and simply "Do What is Right" in all of our activities and relationships.



West Virginia Delegate Larry D. Kump


Thursday, July 17, 2014

On the Radio for Individual Liberty, Personal Accountability, & Personal Empowerment

 West Virginia Delegate Larry D. Kump (Berkeley-Morgan Counties) will be the featured guest on the "Common Sense" radio program, with host Elliot Simon.


 The conversation with Delegate Kump, including call-ins and music, will be from 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM, Saturday, July 19th on WSHC Radio, 89.7 FM, and also streamlined live at


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Monday, July 14, 2014

Eight Important Votes!

 At the request of Tom Price, one of my constituents, I have put together a list of eight specific votes by the West Virginia House of Delegates during the 2014 sessions (includes extended & special sessions), all of which I believe are noteworthy.

In addition to the vote totals and status of each bill (legislative proposal), I also have listed herein the individual votes of the Delegates from the three counties (Morgan, Berkeley, & Jefferson) in the Eastern Panhandle (EP). Votes by the West Virginia Senate are not included, but the language of any bill as well as the votes on any bill and by any West Virginia State Legislator (House of Delegates and Senate) are available by visiting and clicking on the "WV Legislature" link under "IMPORTANT LINKS" (on the lower right hand side of the web page):


 HB 2364 Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act 

  Prohibits abortion after an unborn child is able to feel pain. This was a procedural attempt to force the House of Delegates to vote on HB 2364, which had not been given a committee hearing.

  Defeated: 48 yeas-48 nays, 4 not voting (a tie vote defeats a bill), 2/11/14 RCS # (Roll Call Vote Number) 57

 Nay: EP Delegates Barrett (D-Berkeley), Lawrence (D-Jefferson), Skinner (D-Jefferson).

 Yea: EP Delegates Cowles (R-Morgan), Espinosa (R-Jefferson), Faircloth (R-Berkeley), Folk (R-Berkeley), Householder (R-Berkeley), Kump (R-Morgan & Berkeley), & Overington (Berkeley).

 Note: This issue later was brought back for consideration under a new bill (HB 4588) and subsequently passed by the Legislature but vetoed by the Governor. The Eastern Panhandle (EP) Delegates voted the same on HB 2364 and HB 4588.

HB 2911 Protect the Identity of Citizens with Concealed Weapon Permits from Publication

 This was a procedural attempt to force the House of Delegates to vote on HB 2911, which had not been given a committee hearing.

 Defeated: 6 yeas-88 nays, 8 not voting. 2/18/14 RCS #91

 Nay: EP Delegates Barrett (D-Berkeley), Espinosa (R-Jefferson), Householder (R-Berkeley), Lawrence (D-Jefferson), Overington (R-Berkeley), & Skinner (D-Jefferson).

 Yea: EP Delegates Cowles (R-Morgan), Faircloth (R-Berkeley), Folk (R-Berkeley), & Kump (R-Berkeley & Morgan).


HB 4490 Restricts Authority of Attorney General to Help (Represent) Citizens

 HB 4490 was not passed by the West Virginia Senate, and did not become law.

 Passed: 52 yeas-44 nays, 4 not voting. 2/24/14 RCS# 146

 Nay: EP Delegates  Cowles (R-Berkeley), Espinosa (R-Jefferson), Faircloth (R-Berkeley), Folk (R-Berkeley), Householder (R-Berkeley), Kump (R-Berkeley & Morgan), & Overington (Berkeley).

 Yea: EP Delegates Barrett (D-Berkeley), Lawrence (D-Jefferson), & Skinner (D-Jefferson).


HB 4393 Gives the WV Department of Agriculture Authority to Restrict & Regulate (as well as charge $100 Permit Fees)  in regard to the Ownership of  a wide variety of Animals/Pets. (A.K.A. "Bureaucrats Gone Wild!")

 (The WV Department of Agriculture currently is in the "public comment" period on their proposed rules on these regulations. Visit to make further inquiries)

 Passed: 72 yeas-23 nays, 5 not voting. 2/24/14 RCS# 153

 Nay: EP Delegates Cowles (R-Morgan), Espinosa (R-Jefferson), Faircloth( R-Berkeley), Folk (R-Berkeley), Householder (R-Berkeley), & Kump (R- Berkeley & Morgan).

 Yea: EP Delegates Barrett (D-Berkeley), Lawrence (D-Jefferson), Overington (R-Berkeley), & Skinner (D-Jefferson).


HB 4333 Budget Amendment to Eliminate Payment of $10 Million a Year for Gambling Casinos to Buy New Slot Machines, and to use this money to help balance the State Budget.

 Defeated: 38 yeas-58 nays, 4 not voting. 2/25/14 RCS# 162

 Nay: EP Delegates Barrett (D-Berkeley), Espinosa (R-Jefferson), Lawrence (D-Jefferson), & Skinner (D-Jefferson).

 Yea: EP Delegates Cowles (R-Morgan, Faircloth (R-Berkeley), Folk (R-Berkeley), Householder (R-Berkeley), Kump (R- Berkeley & Morgan), & Overington (R-Berkeley).


SB 6 Requiring  Doctors' Prescriptions for Over-the-Counter Sudafed Cold Medication

 Passed: 63 yeas-34 nays, 3 not voting. 3/8/14 RCS # 366

 Nay:  EP Delegates Barrett (D-Berkeley), Cowles (R-Morgan), Espinosa (R-Jefferson), Faircloth (R-Berkeley), Folk (R-Berkeley), Householder (R-Berkeley), Kump (R- Berkeley & Morgan), & Overington (R-Berkeley).

 Yea: EP Delegates Lawrence (D-Jefferson) & Skinner (D-Jefferson).

 Note: SB 6 failed to win final passage in conference committee negotiations over differences between the House of Delegates and Senate versions.


SB 1005 Suspend Constitutional Procedure Rule, to Allow Legislators to Vote on Local Public Officials Pay Raise 

 Passed: 84 yeas-5 nays, 2 not voting. 3/14/14 RCS #524

 Nay: EP Delegates  Folk (R-Berkeley) & Kump (R-Berkeley).

 Yea: EP Delegates  Barrett (D-Berkeley), Cowles (R-Morgan), Espinosa (R-Jefferson), Faircloth (R-Berkeley), Lawrence (D-Jefferson), Overington (R-Berkeley), & Skinner (D-Jefferson).

 Note: Delegate Householder (R-Berkeley) was absent and did not vote.


SB 1005 Authorize Pay Raise for Local Public Officials

 Passed: 56 yeas-33 nays, 11 not voting. 3/14/14 RCS # 527

 Nay: EP Delegates Barrett (D-Berkeley), Cowles (R-Morgan), Espinosa (R-Jefferson), Faircloth (R-Berkeley), Folk (R-Berkley), Kump (R-Morgan & Berkeley), Lawrence (D-Jefferson), & Overington (R-Berkeley).

 Yea: EP Delegate Skinner (D-Jefferson).

 Note: Delegate Householder (R-Berkeley) was absent and did not vote.


Final Note: The overwhelming majority of  thousands of bills introduced each year are not voted upon by the Legislature, as also is the case in the federal government and every other State Legislature.Committee chairpersons determine which bills get committee hearings and votes, in order to become eligible for further consideration by the Legislature. Committee chairpersons in the West Virginia House of Delegates are appointed by the Speaker of the House. The Speaker is elected by the members of the House of Delegates. The majority political party is the determining factor in that election. Legislator attempts to force bills out of committee (discharge motions) usually are not successful (see above entries on HB 2364 and HB 2911)


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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

More on "This Affects All of Us"


 It went well, with over 100 people participating.

 There also was an extensive front page newspaper story about it printed the next day (Tuesday, July 1st) by "The Journal" newspaper (

 The Farm Bureau is continuing to have meetings on this issue across West Virginia and America.

 Further, the Farm Bureau is continuing to encourage citizen comment to the EPA during the public comment period.

 Once the public comment period is over and the rules are promulgated, I anticipate that a lawsuit will be filed and that the validity of these new EPA rules will end up being decided by the United States Supreme Court. 

 Ask folks to visit  for  the June 5th and June 26th entries on this (which includes how to contact the Farm Bureau for more information) and other important  issues and principles.

 Finally, please ask all recipients to also share this message with others.




.-----Original Message-----

 From: The Hub Guy
Sent: Jul 2, 2014 6:07 AM
To: Larry D Kump
Subject: This Affects All of Us!

Hi Larry,
How did ths go? Is there anything that I can put out over the Hub?

On Sat, Jun 28, 2014 at 10:45 AM, wrote:

 There will be an important and urgent meeting at 7:00 PM, Monday, June  30th, at the Berkeley County Youth Fairgrounds. Hosted by the Berkeley County Farm Bureau, this meeting is all about the proposed new regulations by the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that, if enacted, will have tremendous and horrendous impact on each and every one of us. Come to
 the meeting, and also visit *** * ("Quis Custodiet Ipos Custodes?" entry) for more of this about that.

 Please share this message with others.*

Thursday, June 26, 2014

This Affects All of Us!

 There will be an important and urgent meeting at 7:00 PM, Monday, June 30th, at the Berkeley County Youth Fairgrounds.


 Hosted by the Berkeley County Farm Bureau, this meeting is all about the proposed new regulations by the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that, if enacted, will have tremendous and horrendous impact on each and every one of us.


 Come to the meeting, and also visit ("Quis Custodiet Ipos Custodes?" entry) for more of this about that.


 Please share this message with others.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Quis Custodiet Ipos Custodes?

 "Quis custodiet ipsos custodes" is an ancient Latin phrase, which means "who watches the watchers?".

 Our federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was created by Congress to watch over the environment on our behalf, but who is watching the EPA?

  Fortunately, the West Virginia Farm Bureau has published a dire warning, that the EPA's recently issued "Definition of Waters of the United States proposed rule", if adopted, would violate our dearly bought Constitutional Rights.

 This proposed EPA rule would affect all of us, because even areas that normally only hold water right after a rain, but otherwise are dry, would now come under the management of the EPA.

 Under this new EPA rule, fines can be up to $37,500 for each technical violation per day and even include a prison sentence.

  Further, we would have to get prior EPA permission and follow extensive and extensive rule about our property, even if we lives miles away from the nearest navigable waters.

 In other words, making even minor improvements to your home or property could require federal permission and permits that could cost more than the project.

 Even worse, granting these permits would be entirely up to the EPA, and they even could cancel your permit after they have given it to you.

This proposed EPA administrative rule would greatly expand the scope of the Clean Water Act (CWA), and create a bureaucratic snafu that not only would defy Congress but also two previous United States Supreme Court rulings about the scope of CWA.

  On a personal and local note and even long prior to these proposed new EPA rules, a "Maidstone" housing subdivision developer unsuccessfully tried to use existing EPA regulations to authorize the discharge of his properties' sewage effluent across the residential yards in the Potomac Hills and Potomac Heights subdivisions in the Falling Waters (Berkeley County) area (see the 26 September 1991 "134 Residents Petition DNR to Block Sewage Discharge" news story, the "Morning Journal" newspaper, Martinsburg, West Virginia).

 More about this blatant attempt to expand the federal EPA authority and deny our property rights is available from the West Virginia Farm Bureau, by calling (800) 398-4630 #306 or visiting

 Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? (Who watches the watchers?).
 If not you and me, then who?

West Virginia Delegate Larry D. Kump


Tuesday, June 3, 2014

New Town Councilor Appointed

 Newly appointed Hedgesville Town Councilor Christopher Stewart will be administered the Oath of Office by West Virginia Delegate Larry D. Kump (District #59, Berkeley-Morgan Counties) at 7:00 PM, Wednesday, June 4th during the meeting of the Hedgesville Mayor & Council at the Hedgesville Town Hall in Hedgesville, West Virginia.



For further information, please  telephone the Hedgesville Town Hall Office, (304) 754-4827.



Delegate Larry D. Kump



Friday, May 23, 2014

What Now?

 In the aftermath of the recent West Virginia Primary elections, lots of friends and associates have asked me, "What now?".


Truly, it has been both a sacrifice as well as a privilege to serve as a citizen legislator in the West Virginia House of Delegates.


It also will continue to be my duty and responsibility to serve the remainder of my term of office, throughout the rest of 2014.


And, after then?


Who knows?


The opportunities to continue to serve are too numerous to count.


However, it simply is not true that I plan to organize a "Boy Band" and go on a world tour.


Just sayin'.





Tuesday, May 20, 2014

What about Corridor H?

 A recent editorial in my home area "Journal" newspaper wondered why there has been such foot-dragging (since 1965) on the completion of the Corridor H Interstate Highway, which would link I-81 in Virginia with I-79 in West Virginia.

 Inquiring Mountaineer minds also want to know the answer to this question, inasmuch as the completion of this trans West Virginia transportation corridor lacks only a few miles of completed roadway.

 Completing Corridor H would help bring an influx of much needed business and job growth to West Virginia.

 Let's get 'er done.

Footnote: Please share this message with others, and visit for other legislative news and views.

Monday, May 19, 2014

It happened this morning

 Early this morning, I saw a little frog, as I was walking into the  West Virginia State House.

 The frog greeted me and asked me to pick it up.

 I did, whereupon the frog told me that, if I kissed it, it would turn into a beautiful woman.

 I immediately put the frog and my pocket, and continued on my way.

 The frog then cried out from my pocket, asking me why I didn't kiss it.

 I told it that I'd rather have a talking frog. 

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

2014 Primary Election Reflections

 Although I did not win the West Virginia May 13th Primary election, the selfless efforts of that League of Extraordinary Citizens, who volunteered and voted for me and the principles of Liberty, were and are a marvelous work and a wonder.


 Their passionate pursuit of our God given Constitutional rights of individual liberty, personal accountability, and personal empowerment are all about that which should matter most to Mountaineers and our families.


 These principles still are and always will be sacred, so let us "not go gentle into that good night."


 May God bless you all real good.





Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Just Sayin'

Yesterday, the following unsolicited and unexpected observation from a fellow West Virginia state legislator brightened my day:

" Larry Kump is none of what most people are in Charleston.

He is the first in the Capitol at least 90% of the time (I beat him about once every couple of weeks).

He does not go to the functions put on by industry in the evenings.

He has an open, but principled mind.

The man is not a career politician, and votes the right way when it comes to the US Constitution 99.9% of the time... And that ruffles the feathers of those who believe,from both sides of the isle, that 'we must pass the bill & let someone else determine whether it is constitutional' mentality... And yes, I have heardthat statement from D's and R's, although more so from D's!

You can support who you want, but, as for me, Larry Kump is my choice.

This is due to his voting record, his principles, his independence, his knowledge of local issues, and his constituent services. Quite frankly, he IS the better choice!"

Friday, May 2, 2014

Building toward Prosperity

The Contractors Association of West Virginia political action committee (HUB/PAC) has endorsed Delegate Larry D. Kump (District #59, Berkeley-Morgan Counties) in the May 2014 West Virginia Primary Election.


Please contact Contractors Association of West Virginia Executive Director Mike Clowser at (304) 342-1166 for further information.


Footnote: Please share this message with others, ask them to visit for additional legislative news and views, and send contributions for the re-election of Delegate Kump to "Friends of Larry D. Kump" (P.O. Box 1131, Falling Waters, West Virginia 25419-1131). 

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

It's about Jobs!

 The West Virginians for Manufacturing Jobs (WVMJ) Political Action Committee has endorsed the candidacy of Delegate Larry D. Kump (District #59, Berkeley-Morgan Counties) in the May 2014 Primary election.


  WVMA President Rebecca McPhail Randolph praised Delegate Kump for his "support for manufacturing, general business and development growth in West Virginia".


For further information, please contact WVMJ President Randolph at (304) 342-2123.


Footnote: Please share this message with others, and visit for other legislative news. Please send contributions for the election of Delegate Kump to "Friends of Larry D. Kump", P.O. Box 1131, Falling Waters, West Virginia 25419-1131. 



Saturday, April 26, 2014

It's a Question of "Life"!

 The West Virginians for Life Political Action Committee (WVL PAC) has endorsed Delegate Larry D. Kump, District #59 (Berkeley-Morgan Counties), in the 2014 Primary Election for the West Virginia House of Delegates.


 According to Dr. Wanda Franz, WVL PAC President, "Larry D. Kump has distinguished himself during the recent legislative session by voting to discharge the "Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act" from Committee and subsequently voting for its passage. We commend Larry D. Kump for being a pro-life hero for his willingness to challenge the status quo in order to bring the bill to a vote. His commitment to the pro-life cause, especially in protecting the unborn from pain has made a difference in West Virginia".


For further information, contact: Mary Ann Buchanan, West Virginians for Life Program Director), at (304) 594-9845 , and for more information about Delegate Kump's legislative news and views and to view a photo of him with "The League of Liberty", visit




Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A Legislative Look Ahead

During the past legislative session, I was vigilant in standing up and speaking out on behalf of West Virginian citizens and our families. Now, we finally have the opportunity to correct many of the problems that were created during the last 82 years of legislative leadership mismanagement, and to lead Mountaineers into a new era of economic growth and personal prosperity.

In 2014, I introduced and/or co-sponsored the following legislation:

· Defending our 2nd Amendment Rights against Obama and his DC gun grabbers.

· Protecting & Preserving our Private Property Rights.

· Restoring our rights to personal privacy, as outlined by the 4th Amendment of our Constitution.

· Ending the practice of forcing us to pay for our Constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

· Requiring independent performance and program oversight audits of our state agencies.
· Reducing gasoline and home heating fuel prices.

· Eliminating government bureaucracy in our personal and family health insurance.

· Streamlining drivers’ license renewal requirements.

Of course many of these and other efforts were derailed by a legislative leadership who refused to support legislation to protect the Constitutional Rights of West Virginians and lead us to personal prosperity.

After the 2014 elections, we at long last will have the opportunity to be able to stand strong and united on behalf of our God given right and responsibility for individual liberty, personal accountability, and personal empowerment.

After all, it is the primary role of government to protect and preserve the rights of all of our citizens, including the yet unborn.

Please share this message with others, and visit for more of my legislative news and views.

Delegate Larry D. Kump