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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Why I voted "No!"

My votes on the West Virginia House of Delegates Concurrent Resolutions #33 and #61 have been difficult, even heart wrenching.
 Truly, we, as a nation and as a society, are in an existential crisis - our national unity of principal and Constitutional clarity is coming apart at the seams.
 Furthermore, I sincerely sympathize and support the passionate proposals (i. e., term limits, fiscal restraints, & jurisdictional limitations) of those who advocate convening a Convention of the States on our Constitution.
  I also believe that it is our Constitution that is the well spring of our "American Excellence", even though it now is hanging by a thread.
 In my personal experience in life, I have been a student of our Constitution, ever since I was a teenage boy, and I love it dearly.
 In point of fact, our Constitution is deeply rooted in my simple faith, so much so that I can scarce tell the difference between the two.
 That's why this issue of convening a Convention of the States on our Constitution has brought me to my knees in deep personal prayer.
 Indeed, I too share the sincere concerns of many, who also are among my constituents and dear friends, some of whom so passionately pursue and propose a Constitutional Convention of the States.
 In that vein, I have prayerfully pondered this issue for a number of years, and have had many discussions with constitutional scholars and lawyers, constituents, friends, and many others.
 Accordingly, I simply do not believe, not for a second, that our country's woes and worries are in any way the fault of our Constitution.
 Instead, I firmly believe that those who so relentlessly twist and thwart our constitutional rights and responsibilities are the true culprits.
 Moreover, it is my understanding that there has been no Supreme Court, or even lower court ruling, regarding exactly how the procedures and scope of a Convention of the States on our Constitution actually and lawfully should play out. That might be because it's unlikely that the courts even would have any jurisdiction over these issues.
 I further believe that God has a plan for us, and that plan does not include convening a Convention of the States on our Constitution.
 Simply put: the idea of playing "Russian Roulette" with our Constitution gives me the galloping heebie-jeebies.
 Therefore, I have a moral duty to vote against proposing a Convention of the State on our Constitution, and encourage all to go and do likewise.
 May God bless you all real good!
Updated Note: House Concurrent Resolution #33 (term limits, fiscal restraints, and jurisdictional limitations) failed by a vote of 40 yeas to 56 nays). House Concurrent Resolution #61 (term limits only) passed by a vote of 55 yeas and 42 nays.

Postscripted Update: House Concurrent Resolution #61, wh1ch passed the House of Delegates (55-42), subsequently failed to be considered by and voted upon by the West Virginia State Senate. 

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