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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Mountaineers always pay the Fee?

Dear Mr. Kump, I thank you, for your support in such a personal matter...I became disabled and 2 years later was forced to hook up to public sewer lines in Berkeley Station area of Martinsburg. I went to meeting (along with many of my neighbors) and tried to refuse but was told I would still have to pay a sewer bill, with a fine attached and a penalty, for not yet being hooked up each month I refused to "join" the system. I pulled every cent from my savings and did not purchase many of my medications for 4 months so I could have the funds to hook up. There was nothing wrong with my septic system. I had new laterals put in place and the tank drained just 3 months prior to becoming disabled...that took a large chunk of my savings but I was working and thought I would be able to replace it in a timely fashion. Life happens. However, had I not been forced to do this costly hook up and destruction of my perfectly working septic system I do not thing that things would have gone so poorly for me, or for several of my other neighbors. I had no savings and could not manage to hang onto my home, I owed just 7 years on my mortgage!!!! Had I not had to spend thousands (the line costs by the foot from the road to the house, then there is the internal home to line hook up and the pumping,destruction and fill in of the tank), I do believe I would still be in my home. My savings was enough to help me pay each month the difference needed from my income to my outlay of cash. Loosing my home was a major life changing event. (Records can be checked, but I know of 10 families in the area that also lost their homes after the hook up. Several were laid off when their place of employment closed and relocated out of state, several were military a nd were sent to the middle east to return and loose their was extremely sad for the entire neighborhood). I now live with my daughter and feel dependent in a way someone that worked 28 years as an RN, sent my children to college without them needing to take out a loan and have given many hours to various volunteer agencies and events, never should have to feel. While I am grateful on a daily basis for my family, I still miss my home where I raised my children, and watched my grandchildren play. I know there is nothing you can do about this situation but I applaud you for taking up this issue on a state level as no one was able to do a thing on a local level to assist any of the Berkeley County residents. Again, my thanks, Kathy Palmer On Tue, Feb 4, 2014 at 5:58 AM, West Virginia Delegate Larry D. Kump wrote: Due to the sudden and unexpected illness of the Political Subdivisions Chair, the previous public hearing about HB 4007 on January 21st was postponed, but now has been rescheduled for 5:30 PM, Thursday, February 6th.

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