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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

More Legislative Proposals

Here's more legislative proposals (bills) that I have sponsored so far in the West Virginia House of Delegates:

HB 4118 (Political Subdivisions Committee) Would create smaller and single member State Senate districts, instead of the current practice of having two Senators for each large district.

HB 4120 (Education Committee) Would require the State School Superintendent to be elected on a non-partisan basis in the General elections.

HB 4121 (Government Organization Committee) Would require the Public Service Commission Chairperson to be elected on a non-partisan basis in the General elections.

HB 4123 (Political Subdivisions Committee) Would move the non-partisan local school board elections from Primary to General elections.

HJR 2 (Judiciary Committee) Establish term limits for state legislators (no more than eight years in any office).

HJR 35 (Education Committee) Move the election of county school boards from the Primary to General elections.

HJR 101 (Judiciary Committee) Allow the Legislature to increase the "Homestead Act" tax exemptions for senior citizens.

HJR 102 (Judiciary Committee) Allow local county commissions to determine the salaries of local elected officials, BUT ONLY if changes in local officials' salaries are approved by the county voters in the next General election.
Footnote: "HJR" denotes a proposed amendment to the West Virginia State Constitution.

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