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Monday, April 8, 2013

2013 Eastern Panhandle News # 9

Participating in this morning's State House meeting of Eastern Panhandle legislators were Delegates Larry D. Kump, Mike Folk, Larry Faircloth, Paul Espinosa, Steven Skinner, John Overington, Daryl Cowles, Ruth Rowan, and Eric Householder. Also participating was Senator Don Cookman.

Guests who also attended and participated were Vince Hodge and J. Charles Riecks (MARC passengers advocacy group), Brian Clark (Spirit of Jefferson newspaper), David Zunger (Jefferson County Tourism), and Elliot Simon (Jefferson County resident).

SB 103 (MARC issues, see previous "Panhandle News" entries on this issue at this website) still is pending action by the House of Delegates Finance Committee.

SB 611 and HB 3101 (Community Interest Ownership - Home Owners' Associations) have not survived the committee process and is not on the agenda for final legislative passage this week.

SB 435 (Home Rule for Municipalities) currently is tied up in the House of Delegates Rules Committee, and it's status is uncertain at this point.

SB 371 (Criminal Justice Reform) is still alive and waiting further action by the House of Delegates.

This is the final week for legislative proposals (bills) to pass the Legislature, and the Legislature will vote on the State Budget next week.

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