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Monday, March 18, 2013

Focus and Civility

The intemperate statements, allegedly directed against the personal safety of West Virginia State Senator Herb Snyder (D-Jefferson County), are both alarming and churlishly counterproductive to good governance and civil discourse.

Of course, the 2nd Amendment to our United State Constitution resonates deeply within the hearts and sinews of Mountaineers.

We are understandably and deeply passionate about our right to keep and bear arms.

However, as the West Virginia State Senate prepares to further deliberate and decide how to best protect our God given and Constitutional rights and responsibilities, we all need to keep our focus solely upon the important principles and issues now being considered by the West Virginia State Legislature.

Even so, let us not also be led astray into believing the inflamed outbursts of a feckless few represent the mind of the many, who anxiously are striving to preserve our sacred liberties.

To do so would be akin to painting all of Christendom with the brush strokes of those such as David Koresh and the Reverend Jim Jones.

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