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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

2013 Legislative Preview

 Although the West Virginia Legislature met briefly on January 9th to elect legislative officers (Speaker of the House, Senate President, et al), the regular session of the 2013 Legislature will not begin until February 13th (as required by the West Virginia Constitution in the year following a gubernatorial election).

In the interim until then in the West Virginia House of Delegates, the Speaker will be appointing the membership of the House committees and the committee chairpersons. After the regular session begins, proposed legislative bills will begin to be given bill numbers and be assigned by the Speaker to the  various committees.

Keep in mind that most proposed legislative bills never get a committee hearing, so the decision of the committee chairperson to grant a bill a hearing is a critical legislative process hurdle to overcome.

I will send out legislative updates periodically throughout the session and also post them at this website, so stay tuned.