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Friday, January 20, 2012

Sudafed Up? (Revisited)

Sadly, many otherwise well-intentioned elected officials sincerely believe that more government control over our lives (and the taxes to finance it) is best.
They are wrong, so wrong.
One instant example is the renewed push in the West Virginia Legislature this year to require  a doctor's prescription in order to purchase sudafed.
Because of drug addicts using sudafed to manufacture the illegal and devastating drug Meth, West Virginia previously required the over-the-counter sale of sudafed to be purchased directly from the pharmacist, without a prescription, but with the proviso that customers had to identify themselves and sign for the medication prior to purchasing it.
Drug addicts quickly circumvented this requirement by buying their sudafed supplies at multiple pharmacies.
This sudafed prescription requirement legislation passed the House of Delegates last year, but was narrowly defeated in the West Virginia State Senate.
This year, the same legislative push will be made again, and now it even is going to be named after the late Delegate Larry Border, who was a pharmacist.
This is yet another example of government punishing the many because of the bad behavior of a few.
If this legislation is passed, working West Virginia families will have to schedule a costly visit with their family doctor and get a prescription in order to get what previously was an over-the-counter medicine: all because of drug abusers.
Other Mountaineer families, who live in our border counties, simply will step across our state line to buy sudafed elsewhere.

This is not the first time that inventive abusers have found new ways to pursue their addictions.
Common bath salts also often are used for such nefarious purposes.
Further, alcoholic youth often buy vanilla extract, because of its high alcohol content, at neighborhood grocery stores.

Addicts "huff" the vapor in "Redi-Whip", and I'm told that even kitty litter can be used to manufacture addictive drugs.

As a former Criminal Justice Prison Case Manager, I have intense and up close experience with the tragic outcome from the manufacture of and addiction to Meth, not only to the addicts but also to public safety and our neighborhoods.
However, instead of punishing all of us, a more prudent solution simply would be to first try to effect a better coordination of the record of sudafed sales at drug stores with law enforcement, thereby targeting the offenders and not the law abiding public. 
You know,these overly broad and ham fisted legislative oversight proposals remind me of a situation years ago in New England, where it was reported that someone had filled a "Super-Soaker" water gun with bleach and subsequently had inflicted great harm. The reaction of a few legislators was to attempt to include water guns as dangerous weapons.
I will be voting against the sudafed prescription proposal.


  1. Larry;

    Larry, help them understand that for many including myself, rely on the Sudafed for our real sinus problems. Do they understand that pushing this bill will eliminate the ability of serious people needing the medication that can't afford to see the Doctor. This situation still takes more money out of the tax payers packet without asking. Some who cannot afford to see a Doctor who has serious issue, this become a potential death sentence to nemonia (forgive the spelling).

    I take the medication once every two months for my sinuses. Repupublicans and Independent Republicans or non-partisan voting needs to come to order and step on the toes pushing this bill.

    Call me, I must protest against this bill. The people of West Virginia depend on you and I to defend their freedoms on the House floors.

  2. Larry,

    Hello, my name is Ryan and I am working on my Citizenship in the Nation merit badge and am sending this to you as you are an active Republican member of the WV House of Delegates. I reviewed your website (, and one particular subject I found interesting was your article on Sudafed, and I completely agree with you on this issue. If those druggies want to trash their own lives and their own bodies, that’s up to them. But I don’t think that punishing the people that obey the law will solve anything. It’s like finding one dead plant in a garden, and digging up the entire thing. And plus, if druggies are using bath salts, vanilla extract, and sniffing Redi-Whip, why won’t they restrict those products also? I look at it like this; these druggies don’t really care about the laws, the safety of others and their own lives apparently. I think it would be much wiser for us to spend the money on anti-drug campaigns to inform the public of the dangers of illegal narcotics, and try to bring knowledge of these devastating drugs into the homes whose family members need this knowledge and support. This makes much more sense than making regular families who need medication like Sudafed to be used as it’s intended be required by an even more expensive doctors prescription.

    I am the second oldest in a family of seven. If this law passes, then it would be very costly for our family to get normal over the counter medication for day to day illnesses that can be and should be open to the public to treat without doctors visits.

    Thank you for this article, and I enjoyed reading it. I just want you to know that we are with you on this issue 100%.




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