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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Crime & Citizenship

Dealing effectively with criminals and safeguarding our citizen rights and responsibilities are important public policy issues.

That's why I've introduced HB 4079, HB 4080, and HB 4081 in the West Virginia Legislature.

Our current criminal justice system is seriously out of whack, and it's costing taxpayers a huge amount of money. It's also becoming a serious burden to the the ability of state and local governments to make budgetary ends meet.

West Virginia needs to walk away from the "lock 'em up and throw away the key" approach to all crimes, and instead focus on our public safety from those who truly endanger us and our families.

To that end, we need to develop reasonable alternatives as to how we deal with drug abuse and other crimes, but also be much more diligent in protecting us and our families from violent criminals.

HB 4079 does that by making those convicted of Murder, Rape, and Child Abuse ineligible for parole.

In regard to our sacred citizen rights and responsibilities, HB 4080 would give each of us more clout at the ballot box by requiring single member districts in the election of Delegates to the State Legislature, and HB 4081 would give citizens who participate in petition drives on ballot issues the same personal privacy rights as voters in elections.

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  1. Larry:

    As a retired criminal justice system official, I do consider the proposed legislation a step in the right direction. I do have some concerns about the legislation.

    One: Child Abuse- much abused term in its own right. Is this defined as of the nature of a sex offense, or as measured and deserved corporal punishment? Some would no doubt cringe, wail in the darkness, etc. at the thought of the little darling having a spanking.
    Behavior does have consequences, they will be free to explore the possibilities on their visit their not little darling at one of the many fine institutions in the region for such undisciplined persons. It is really true.

    This brings me to the second point-One of the key issues is the family-How many children are residing in one parent homes? Ask the teachers, you will be heart broken and astounded. A father, mother and offspring family was a successful institution until the guv'mint thought it could do better. Well, I hate to break the news to all the social engineers, that has not happened. Thus, we need to take steps to insure a traditional family.

    Thirdly, citizenship is a right and a DUTY. Voting is both, as well. The push to give convicts the vote is nothing more than a cheap trick for the socialists/communists to remain in power. However, those persons disallowed the vote due to criminal convictions should have a method and process for restoration.

    Fourthly, Any conviction of crimes covered in common law as felonious should be considered. The sex offender register isn't a bad idea. Why does it not extend to common law felonies? Wouldn't that be equal protection? I would like to know if a armed robber or arsonists lives next door. Trust but verify!

    I applaud the delegations efforts regarding RT 9 west of Martinsburg. I have dubbed it "Kamikaze Highway".

    Another issue, is the taxation of military pensions. I would like West Virginia honor the sacrifices made by her citizens in the defense of the Republic. We did what many opted not to do. While those who stayed behind went on to monetary gain and position. We served at considerably less money. Some went into the Reserve and Guard afterwards and continued to work weekends, during the summer and even being activated for overseas service while engaged in a civilian career. This income being taxed is disrespectful, especially when laid on by those who elected not to serve. I am certain the gaming proceeds dwarf monies gained from veteran retirees.

    There I have stated what I need to. I remain,

    Sincerely yours,


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