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Monday, January 23, 2012

2012 Eastern Panhandle Report #2

Participating in this morning's meeting of the Eastern Panhandle Legislators' Caucus were Senator Herb Snyder as well as Delegates Larry D. Kump, Daryl Cowles, John Overington, Tiffany Lawrence, Walter Duke, and Eric Householder.

Hampshire County Delegate Ruth Rowan and Berkeley County Councilpersons Doug Copenhaver and Tony Petrucci also participated in this meeting.

A major topic of discussion was the drug abuse epidemic and ways to deal with it, including drug testing. There also was intense discussion about prison overcrowding, sentencing guidelines, and rehabilitation programs. There will be further meetings on this issue by the caucus.

SB362, to complete the improvements to Cacapon State Park, was discussed by the caucus.

Forthcoming legislation to help home owners' associations and ongoing Chesapeake Bay watershed efforts were meeting topics; as well as the Maryland Area Regional Commuter (MARC), bar closings, salaries of eastern panhandle employees, state police staffing, the need for a additional circuit and family court judges, Homestead Act tax credits for senior citizens and the disabled, and copper wire theft issues.

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