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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Mountaineers Prefer Kump

Hi Larry,

Our PAC launches in January, and you will see significant support from us next year.

I am very happy to see you running for re-election to the West Virginia House of Delegates.

You're a model Delegate, who I hope to empower to continue achieving good for West Virginia.

West Virginia desperately needs honest folks like you, who are sincere and capable, in government.

Our taxes can be lowered, our economic climate can become employment friendly, our Judiciary can get an appellate level, and the Legislature can achieve more transparency with voters as well as be much more in harmony with our Constitution.

We can wean our government off the gambling teat, because there's even more revenue from a growing and vibrant economy.

Then our children will stay and prosper here in West Virginia, and our lives will become what they always should have been.

Few are those who can bring about this great change.

Few are those who can fight this fight.

Few are those who won't wear down, sell out, or give up.

Those few will be paid with respect, honor, and gratitude.

History will note them and We the People will revere them.

They will be the heroes of West Virginia, the greatest Mountaineers of all time.

We will do our part to help bring all of this about.

With respect and gratitude,

Greg Jessen
President: Mountaineer Tea Party LLC & PAC

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