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Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Proposed WV Prisoner Program

Dear Corrections Commissioner Rubenstein,

Knowing of my previous background in the criminal justice system, Lester "Bill" Shanklin,  a Master Gardner and landscape artist, has shared his prisoner training proposal with me (copied below).

Accordingly, your evaluation and response to me and Mr. Shanklin regarding the merits and feasibility of this proposal would be appreciated.

Furthermore and if prudent and possible, please include in your response to me and Mr. Shanklin which of his recommendations would require legislative action and which could be effected administratively.

Looking forward o hearing from and working with you, I remain,

Yours for better governance,

Delegate Larry D. Kump



Briefly (see attached insert), extension services would train inmates through the master gardeners program.

Inmates would be categorized as to their groups, class, and stage of service. (For example: Those dressed in orange, those ready for
parole, and those in home/work release, etc.)

The different State agencies would list their priority projects as to season and needs.

Master gardeners and volunteers would serve as project managers. Agency employees would also direct the work as needed.

Corrections would schedule and coordinate the work with the various agencies; based on seasons, materials,and the project needs.

The recipient agencies would provide all the materials and supplies for their projects.

All 55 counties could be served through this various agencies and public assets on reclamation and
beautification projects.

Along with the inmate work week, inmates would be required to complete additional classes and training prior to their eligibility for
parole or other release.

The compensation to the inmates could be in the form of additional service time credits as well as their personal job skills improvements.

The advantage to the State of West Virginia would be increased beautification and cleanup in all 55 counties, less inmate recidivism, and a lower inmate population.

Bill Shanklin

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