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Monday, October 17, 2011

More Information on I-81 Bridge Traffic Concerns (see addendum at end of entry)

Dear Marvin,

As West Virginia's State Highway Engineer, please advise me regarding any progress and possible solution to the restrictions on commercial truck traffic on the I-81 bridge between West Virginia and Maryland.

This problem also affects the quality of life of the Marlowe/Falling Waters, West Virginia area residents, as well as being an impediment as outlined below by Delegate Serafini.

Looking forward to hearing from and working with you, I remain,

Yours for better governance,

Delegate Larry D. Kump

cc: WV Eastern Panhandle Legislators, et al
I share your concerns about restrictions on commercial traffic regarding the I-81 bridge between West Virginia and Maryland, and will do what I can to help.
Delegate Larry D. Kump
Dear Larry,

We need your help. Several years ago West Virginia reduced the weight allotment for trucks coming accross the I-81 bridge from Maryland to West Virginia. This has caused tri-axle trucks to travel route 11 through Williamsport, Maryland ever since. This has created significant problems for the town of Williamsport. Last week the town council voted to restrict truck traffic on a main street and are threatening to close all town streets in the near future. This will create a significant problem for the business that employ these trucks as well as the businesses that they serve in both Maryland and West Virginia.

Evidently, there have been conversations going on for several years. Most of these I am told have been with former Governor and now Senator Manchin. To date nothing has happened and that is why Williamsport has now taken this action eventhough they did not want it to come to this.

In these days of difficulties for all businesses and especially a very frail job environment we need to work together to see what we can do to help th ese businesses. Can you look into this situation and see what you can do to help?

It would be greatly appreciated. State Senator Chris Shank is also aware of this situation but as I am the resident Delegate I am taking the lead on our part. Senator Cardin has spoken with Senator Manchin but it appears we need some help from the State Delegation.

Thanks in advance.

God bless,

Andrew Serafini
Maryland Delegate 2A


Later Addendum from Delegate Kump: West Virginia State Highway Engineer Marvin Murphy responded quickly to my above inquiry and advised me that West Virginia has not put any restrictions on the I-81 bridge between West Virginia and Maryland. He pointed out that Interstate bridge weight restrictions are federally imposed, and now are under discussion by Congress. However, he also informed me that West Virginia does allow higher weight truck loads on the parallel Route 11, which allows heavier load trucks to bypass the Interstate bridge and its more severe weight restrictions. Mr. Murphy is continuing to research this issue, and promised me a further update.

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