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Friday, June 3, 2011

Now is the Time

Take a moment to learn more about what's going on with legislative redistricting.

Click on "WV State Legislature" under "Links" on the right side of this webpage to connect directly to the official West Virginia State Legislature Website.

At that site you can click on the "Senate" option near the top of the page and then the "Redistricting" suboption option to learn about the redistricting committee in the Senate.

Under the "House" option near the the top of the page, click on the "Speaker" suboption and then click on "News Releases" on the right side of his photo. Then, under "Select Committee", use the arrow to get his official release, "Speaker Appoints Select Committee". (Not very user friendly, is it?)

You also may use the West Virginia State Legislature website to contact any legislator and to learn more about any legislator and current legislative district. You even can learn who represents you and your current legislative district boundaries.

Now is the time to tell the legislators, especially those on the redistricting committees, how you feel about this process and what should be done.

Please share this message with others.

Delegate Larry D. Kump

P.S.: While you're at it, also check out the animated videos under "Videos" on the right hand side of this web page.

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